​How to handle the “We are all the same” rubbish that occasionally spills out of a Marxists slogan recorder

How to handle the “We are all the same” rubbish that occasionally spills out of a Marxists slogan recorder. Yes, in Marxists the brain has not evolved beyond slogan recorder status. We actually have the Ace in the pack as we have reality on our side. Coupled with this Marxists live in a ‘no platform’ world where they never have to justify or even think about their ridiculous flawed ideology. If they did they would not be Marxists. 

Idiot: “We are all the same, we are all Humans”…

You: “And dogs are all dogs but I would rather let my child play with a British Labrador pup than a hungry African Hyena. Saying “we are all humans” is a bit like trying to ignore the differences between goldfish and piranhas…. They are all fish after all. Would you like to nip down to ‘Seaworld’ and go swimming with the sharks?”

Idiot: “But we have more in common than we have that separates us”.

You: “Really… And we share 99% of the DNA of a dog and 90% of the DNA of a slug. Are you suggesting that just because we have more commonalities than differences we are all the same…?! Can you not tell the differences between a human, a dog and a slug?”

Idiot: “But what I am saying is that we should celebrate diversity”.

You: Do you ever think about what you say, or do you just repeat slogans. You have just said we are all the same. Then you tell me to ‘celebrate diversity’, which cannot exist if we are all the same. So you admit there is such a thing as diversity, which means we are all different?”

Idiot: ” I am saying that the differences are so small we should overlook them”. 

You. ” Small differences eh… So 10% DNA makes the difference between a human being and a slime covered invertebrate bacteria eating organism in your back garden… And you want to ‘overlook’ that? Clearly minute differences in DNA can make huge differences in the result. You have now attempted to change your argument to ‘we should IGNORE diversity, and PRETEND we are all the same… So why do you lot always tell us to CELEBRATE diversity, if you now want us to ignore it? 

Idiot: (Attempts to cover up his/her/it’s stupidity) “You don’t understand!!!”

You: ” The problem you have is that not only do I understand, I actually think about the crass illogical slogans that the established media use to try and control us. I question them and as yet, I have never found a left winger who has done anything other than accept and repeat the rubbish without ever questioning it.” 

Idiot: ” I am not very good at explaining it. But some people can much better than me”.

You: “Yes, you are talking to one of those people. Shall you and I celebrate some diversity? 

Idiot: “What do you have in mind?”

You “I am off to celebrate some diversity. I am going to the zoo. Are you coming or would all of those cages containing what you consider to be the same ‘beings’ be boring for you?”

Idiot: “That’s racist”…. (Why???)

You: ” I see they don’t apply your ideology to a zoo. ‘One cage, no borders’…. I would guess the Guinea pigs would be eaten by the wolves and then it would be a case of only the Lions left after a few days. Diversity in action eh… The zoo, according to you would just be one big happy multicultural utopia, with all of those animals dancing around under a rainbow showing ‘respect’ for each other… 

Idiot: “Well that would not happen.”

You: “Or would it be a horrific scene of the dead carcasses of semi devoured and rotting animals who just did not make it as they were deprived of their natural territory and their common herds, defences and environment? A Marxist dream. Animals celebrating ‘diversity’ just like animals do.”

Idiot: “That’s stupid”.

You: ” I absolutely agree. That’s Marxism. Welcome to the ‘far’ right, as you call it.”

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