​PRISON RACE WAR: Fears tensions set to explode as gangs pitch against Muslim inmates

PRISON guards have been put on high alert in British prisons as race wars threatened to break out in jails across the country, it has been claimed.


Groups of inmates are said to have launched the ‘Death Before Dishonour’ (DBD) groups to protect themselves from attacks.

Tensions are bubbling in the country’s maximum security prisons over risk of violence from Muslim inmates.

The gangs made up of non muslim members have created the DBD groups from Close Supervision Centres housing the most dangerous prisoners in the UK.

A source told the Sunday People: “There have been top-security briefings warning of this organisation being set up and focusing on inmates in Close Supervision Units.

“So there is serious concern with so many hundreds, if not thousands, of followers of Islam in the prison system.

“At many of our prisons there is already huge tension between Muslim and non-Muslim prisoners.

“Clearly there is deep concern that this group could expand and the conflict could escalate out of all control.”

Many of those involved in the gangs are said to be some of the most dangerous prisoners in Britain.

They have been accused of murder and serious crime and many are serving life terms.

According to reports one in five inmates serving sentences in Britain’s maximum security jails are Muslim.

In January it was reported there was a total of 5,885 prisoners in Category A prisons in the UK, of which 1,229 follow the Islamic faith an increase of 23 per cent in five years ago.

A prison spokesman said: “Safety in prisons is fundamental to the proper functioning of our justice system.

“We do not tolerate violence or bullying in prisons and will always take action against any kind of discrimination.”

At least one of the groups linked to the DBD organisation is the Piranhas gang operating in prisons in Liverpool and Manchester.

It has been claimed they began operating after extremist Muslim prisoners began assaulting other inmates.

The news comes after an ex-soldier was allegedly been “beaten to within an each of his life” in prison.

Former paratrooper Craig Jones was beaten by a gang of eight who were reportedly linked to a terror attack.

He was set upon in his cell during the “major incident” at Hewell prison in the West Midlands on January 9.

Meanwhile in March a top barrister warned the UK prison service is at breaking point over religious bullying.

At a case in the Old Bailey, barrister Rupert Pardoe said the break out of bullying was so widespread in the Thamesmead prison that inmates were being held in “lockdown”.

Mr Pardoe told the judge: “There is a sense that the prison authorities have lost control. Many defendants in my client’s situation are in total lockdown. There’s a degree of fear as to the need to conform to certain religious views in Belmarsh.”

Source Daily Express

Just another example of how incompatible different groups are when in a confined space. Take away the fact that these are Islamic extremists because the same situation exists in America as different racial groups self-segregate for safety and protection.

This is what happens when groups are forced together whether it be in a prison, school or in your community. Eventually there will be conflict as a result of proximity.

It won’t be long before there are Islamic only prisons or wings within prisons that are designated specifically for Muslims. If anybody wants a look into the future of Britain then take a look at what is going on in our prisons and in prisons in America.

It is only a matter of time before there is a serious incident in a UK prison. They are volatile places at any time, but throw different races and cultures into the mix and it becomes a tinder box as does society in general. 

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