1 in 5 Students Support Violent Suppression of Free Speech Survey Finds


‘By equating hate speech with violence, they rationalize violence as a response to speech.’

Physical violence and intimidation is the main strategy employed against those who dare to go against the status quo of mass immigration and forced multiculturalism. Rather than challenge ideas that oppose their own, the violent left engage in violence because they know that their arguments will not stand up to scrutiny and will not be accepted by the public when seen for the fallacious and fraudulent arguments they are.

We have seen with increasing regularity recently the violent nature of the left in all of its ugliness. The tactics of the left are decades old, but with the campaign and election of Donald Trump and the resultant political unrest across the nation, the left have exposed themselves to a global audience as being enemies of free speech and as being the real danger to Western Civilisation.

The violent nature of the left has been further exposed with the results of a new student survey which show that 1 in 5 undergraduate students condone physical violence as a means of preventing speakers that they don’t agree with being able to speak. A majority of those surveyed said that they endorsed heckling and the disrupting of speakers so that they cannot be heard. 4 in 10 students surveyed said that what they call ‘hate speech’ is not protected by the First Amendment. Hate speech meaning somebody just having a different opinion to theirs that is.

What we are dealing with here is not simply some naive students, but adherents to the concept of Repressive Tolerance as envisioned by Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School. His strategy of using extreme intolerance towards any dissenting narrative that deviated from the worldview of the left is what we are seeing on the streets of America and across the West wherever there is a counter-narrative to that of the left.

What we have seen recently are not just spontaneous outbreaks of violence, the trouble seen at Trump rallies for example and at demonstrations across the West is planned with a specific goal in mind, which is to prevent people that they disagree with from speaking and reaching the public with an alternative message that they know they can’t defeat in debate.

In his essay titled ‘Repressive Tolerance’ Herbert Marcuse said: “Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left.”

These people who employ the strategy concocted by Marcuse, have been mentally poisoned by a malignant education system and they are literally the modern day equivalent of Mao’s Red Guards who were groups of militant university and high school students formed into paramilitary units as part of the Cultural Revolution (1966–76). (1)

Those who engage in this violent Repressive Tolerance only do so when they are trying to silence one group in particular. They attack anybody who advocates the interests of whites and who speaks against mass immigration and forced multiculturalism, but they never attack any other group that advocates their own specific interests. They don’t oppose Black nationalists, they don’t oppose Black Lives Matter, they don’t oppose the Mexican group ‘La Raza (the race in Spanish) which advocates Mexican interests and they don’t oppose Jews or Muslims.

Another strategy of Marcuse and his fellow travellers was to mobilise and empower minority groups against the West and against Europeans. They see these minority groups as being allies that can be used to achieve their long-term goal of destroying the West. This is why you will often see non-whites standing with the violent left because as much as the left used them, they equally use the left to their own advantage. You will also find that in areas heavily populated by immigrants and their descendants there will be leftist propaganda posters seeking to recruit them into their ranks.

The opposition to ideas that threaten the Zeitgeist of state imposed ‘diversity’ and multiracialism is not moral it’s ideological and seeks the total supplanting of European identity and Western culture. To achieve this they have to use force, and those students willing to use it are themselves victims and useful idiots of an agenda that they fail to comprehend. They are led like cattle to the slaughterhouse waffling about the ‘benefits of diversity’ and how it is a ‘strength.’ They fail to see that they are being used to destroy the West and that those using them have as much contempt for them as they do for Nationalistic Europeans.

Nothing they do is beneficial to them, they are consumed by a desire to be seen as morally upstanding, but are busily engaged in the masochistic destruction of their own people in the interests of a hostile elite they claim to oppose.

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