The Reality of Race Crime in the UK 

A lot of time and money is spent on doing research into how so-called ‘black and ethnic minority’ groups face racism, yet there is no research done into the anti-white racism that the native populations of European nations face.

The Cultural Marxist left would say that whites don’t experience racism because it doesn’t fit their narrative, but the numbers of white victims of non-white crime (diversity crime) is rising exponentially. Even the most basic research will reveal how whites are increasingly the victims of crime by a rising non-white population.

The media and the left try and play this down either by denying it, or by claiming that these are just ‘normal’ criminal incidents with no racial motivation.

However when the victim is non-white and the perpetrator white, then the very first consideration is whether race was a motivating factor. They do everything possible to present it as a racist incident because it fits their narrative, and do everything possible to play down the racial component of the crime when whites are the victims because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

When a nation has been exposed to the dangers of multiculturalism by a corrupt political establishment then whenever there is a victim of crime as a result of multiculturalism, then there is always a racial aspect to the crime. These crimes are a result of forced multiculturalism which would not have happened if multiculturalism was not the destructive and enforced ideology of the state. All crime carried out by people brought to Europe under the banner of ‘multiculturalism’ is diversity crime.

This chart produced by the Ministry of Justice is just a small insight into the reality of crime statistics by race in the UK. These statistics are replicated across the Western world wherever multiculturalism has been forced onto a previously homogeneous population.

The left would have you believe that crime statistics by race which show a disproportionate higher crime rate amongst non-whites is down to ‘white racism,’ culture, environment, lack of opportunity and socio-economic position. However the disproportionate nature of these statistics across the West are from areas in which whites live in the same social conditions and the same environment.

The crime rates for whites living in areas just as poverty stricken as many black communities, are lower.

Considering that whites still make up 87% of the population of Britain as of the 2011 Census, these statistics are truly staggering.

The percentage of the population that is white is declining fast as a result of mass third-world immigration and forced multiculturalism, and the crime statistics by race will only become even more shocking as the non-white population grows.

To believe that whites are not a disproportionate percentage of the victims of crime is not only naive but extremely dangerous.