Nationalism and the Working Class 

‘No matter how right the workers’ class may be, we do not tolerate that it rise up against the country or that it make common cause with foreign movements outside our border. No one will allow that for your bread you lay waste and hand over into the hands of a foreign people of bankers and usurpers, everything that for two millenia the sweat of a people of workers and brave ones had saved. Your rights, – yes – but within the rights of your people. It is inadmissible that for your right, the historic right of the nation to which you belong be trampled underfoot.’

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

The working class people of Europe are always told that it is Marxist style Socialism that is the ideology that best represents their interests. They are coerced into suicidal voting patterns with duplicitous propaganda proclaiming that their interests are best served by voting for Socialist political party’s.

Let’s delve into the reasons why this is an entirely false narrative that is leading to the ongoing destruction of the West.

Socialism as an ideology believes in so-called workers rights and the state ownership of the means of production rather than the means of production being owned and operated by private corporate interests. They say that state ownership of the means of production will benefit the workers as the wealth produced by labour can be more equally spread throughout society. Sounds very enticing doesn’t it? Why wouldn’t workers want a bigger piece of the pie? Why would workers want to slog their guts out to make some faceless corporate entity a huge profit on the back of their hard work? In theory it all sounds very ethical, very moral and virtuous. The truth however is that this narrative is one big deceptive scam.

With the advent of the industrial revolution workers started to agitate for their interests using the arguments put forward by Communists and Socialists. They were sick and tired of poor working conditions and poor wages and rightly sought change to improve their lot. Their concerns were legitimate and they had every right to campaign for change.

The problem for the working class people of Europe is that they bought into a wholly alien and self-defeating ideology that promised them the world in return for their muscle, agitation and revolutionary fervour. What workers failed to realise then, as they fail to realise now, is that the Communsitic narrative was not the ideology that was going to best serve their interests and was in fact only seeking to use them to obtain absolute power as had happened in Bolshevik Russia.

Communism as an ideology was not about workers rights, more workers suffered under the oppression of Communism than any other ideology in the history of mankind. So much for being the liberators of the poor and the downtrodden.

Communism was about dividing a society in order to conquer it in the interests of one small group of people who always seemed to be in position of influence directing the revolutionary agitation. In Russia this manifested itself in the bloody mass slaughter under the hammer and sickle in which tens of millions perished.

Workers across Europe have always had an innate sense of patriotism and loyalty to their country. They have marched off to battle under the banner of their respective nations and have been killed under that very same banner. They have always rejected the attempted Communist overthrow of their nations, but have in large part embraced watered down aspects of the ideology to further their own interests and the dyed in the wool Communists have always sought to exploit the desire of workers to better their lot to advance their own ideological goals.

Karl Marx predicted that the working class would reject patriotism and would refuse to go to war, instead taking up the cause of Communism. His theory was proven to be incorrect as millions of patriotic men donned the military uniform of their respective nations and marched off to fight in the so-called ‘great war.’ Marx had said that they would refuse to do this, and instead, upon embracing Communism, would overthrow their Capitalist leaders and usher in a Communist revolution.

This failure on behalf of the working class to embrace Communism and to instead go to war against each other was the seed from which Cultural Marxism grew. The working class people of Europe and the West were said to be unreliable revolutionaries lacking in true class consciousness. This led a number of transformational Marxists (all Jews) to come up with a new strategy of importing, creating and empowering new revolutionary groups (homosexuals, women, students, immigrants) to do what the working class people of the West had failed to do.

They also theorised about how to undermine the existing cultural institutions of the West which they said had blinded the workers to their true class consciousness, institutions such as the family and the church.

This is what Cultural Marxism is and this is what we have seen transpire across the West since the end of the Second World War. Cultural Marxism is an ideology working towards the absolute dispossession and replacement of the white working class across the Western world because of their loyalty to their nations, culture and identity. This is being done through poisonous subversive strategies which are employed through the education systems of the West, through the media and the entertainment industries of film and music.

The point being made here is that the white working class people of Europe and the West are the target of this subversive agenda that intends to destroy them, but yet they still vote and believe in the idea that the Socialistic Cultural Marxist left are working in their interests when the exact opposite is true. They believe this at the same time as being able to see the new revolutionaries starting to take over their nations. They believe in the self-defeating notions of ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ and do not seem to understand that these are simply buzzwords that are applied to the Genocidal agenda being waged against them.

All poltical party’s whether they be Socialist or Conservative have embraced these Cultural Marxist ideas and are working against the best interests of the white working class. The constant state of perpetual political ignorance on behalf of the white working class leads to a situation whereby they allow the conditions for their own destruction to be created.

If Socialism is not working in the best interests of the white working class then what ideology does?

Throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century, there has been one ideology that has always received most of its grass roots support from the working class community. This ideology has always been forthright in its assertion that the working class are the heartbeat of any nation and as such deserve not only to be respected, but to be elevated to a position of importance within society every bit as much as any other group. This ideology has always sought to do away with the divisive ‘class war’ agenda by uniting people of whatever class under the national flag in a society where everybody pulls in the same direction for the good of the nation and everybody within the nation.

The ‘class war’ narrative is a divide and conquer strategy employed by the Communist enemies of the nation state. Those who employ this toxic agenda do so because they know that without the oppressor/oppressed discourse, they have no ideology to sell. A united people in a united nation don’t buy into that brand of self-destructive politics and that’s why the Communsitic left fear this ideology so much because it has the ability to unite a people under a national flag. That is why this ideology and its supporters are routinely attacked and slandered by a media in the hands of a hostile element within society.

The ideology we are talking about here is Nationalism.

There are many different brands of Nationalism, many people call themselves National Socialists which is the exact opposite of what Marxist Socialism is. Some people would call themselves Fascists, some might call themselves identitarians, white nationalists, racial nationalists or even just patriots. Whatever label somebody applies to themselves in this regard, there is always more that they agree on than what they disagree on and most pursue the same goal which is to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. They all want to protect and preserve Western Civilisation and all see the Communsitic left as a direct and existential threat.

This has been the case historically as Nationalistic groups have always fought against the Communist menace that imperils our nations and our civilisation. Indeed the 20th century is littered with examples of Nationalistic movements fighting off the advances of Communism. Nationalism is the force of protection fighting against Communism which is the force of destruction. Communism is the poison and Nationalism is the antidote.

Nationalism is based on the idea of protectionism, protection of the economy, the nation itself, the culture, the people, their identity etc. Anything harmful to any of those is fought against to protect what makes the nation what it is, which is a home for its indigenous inhabitants. Communism seeks the downfall of the nation, the destruction of culture and identity in the interests of their internationalist ideology that wants to bring the world under the hammer and sickle.

If we analyse workers in the 21st century, we see a familiar pattern of suicidal voting. Although the rise in Nationalist sentiment is clear to see, it still isn’t enough for the workers to fully grasp the reality that only Nationalism serves their interests. By voting for Socialist political party’s in perpetuity, they give their consent for their own ongoing destruction.

The most important social issues to workers, are their working conditions, a decent wage for a decent day’s work, access to a good standard of healthcare, decent housing provided by their government, a functional infrastructure which includes roads and rail networks, a reliable public transport service, good schools for their children, a safe environment for their children to be brought up in, and a government that does everything within its power to protect the citizens of their country.

All of these reasonable demands of any working class electorate are based on the notion of a nation being a nation and not a land mass seemingly open to the world. What government working in the best interests of its workers would put their interests in jeopardy by opening up the nation to mass immigration?

Mass Immigration into Western nations has seen populations rise exponentially. Not because of the indigenous population, but because of the immigrant population, their explosive birthrate, and the continuance of their entry into Western nations. All of the reasonable demands of a nations electorate, are now under severe pressure as a result. This means that the best interests of workers native to Europe and the West are not being met and are being endangered.

Competition for jobs, housing, healthcare and school places is now at unprecedented levels. The infrastructures of Western nations are collapsing under the strain, and still they flood in. All Socialist political party’s support this narrative of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ that is totally antithetical to the interests of native workers.

The Socialist answer to this growing population problem is to invest and build. But this investment and building is simply to meet the demands of this rising population which is down to mass immigration. They expect indigenous workers to burden themselves, their children and future generations with debt heaped upon them by Socialist borrowing just to facilitate a rising immigrant population.

None of this is in the interests of the white working class who have allowed themselves to put into a box with all of the newly arrived immigrant workers and who are told that these new workers have just as many rights as they do. Never mind that the indigenous working class have ancestors who have sweated blood and tears to provide a country that future generations could be proud of. Now a newly arrived Bangladeshi with no connection to this land can aquire a job, a home, free healthcare and schooling for their children at the expense of somebody who has racial and cultural connections with this land going back centuries.

If we take housing as a prime example of this problem, net migration into Britain currently stands at around 250,000 a year, that doesn’t include the illegal immigrants or the descendents of immigrants born here. Most political party’s promise to build roughly 100,000 new homes a year which isn’t enough to accommodate even half of the yearly number of new immigrants arriving. How does this benefit the white working class when their own children are going to be forced to compete for housing in a country their ancestors bequeathed to them?

It is the indigenous working populations of Europe that are expected to fund this insanity via their taxes and docile acceptance of what is being done to them. Not only are their jobs being taken, not only are their houses being taken, not only are their healthcare systems being put under pressure, not only is their infrastructure crumbling and not only are their school places being taken, but they are losing their identity, their culture, and the only place on Earth they can truly call home. Once the onslaught of mass immigration engineers us into a minority in our own homelands then we have nowhere else to go, there is no fallback position.

The Socialist left call all of this ‘progress’ and claim that Nationalist opposition to it is ‘reactionary’ and ‘racist.’ In the warped minds of the Socialistic political narrative, the working class somehow benefit from all of this, they call it enrichment and proclaim that mass immigration is both an economic and societal benefit. This is absolute nonsense of course, but still far too many people fall for it.

The Socialists are just as committed to the destruction of the West as the Globalist elite they are supposed to oppose. They prop up and facilitate the destruction of the West and are opposed to any political or ideological idea that opposes it. Socialism is the true reactionary force in the West today whilst Nationalism seeks a rebirth of the Nation against the status quo.

In Britain, the results of the recent general election have shown an increase in the support for Labour. This is a Socialist political party that has purposefully opened up Britain’s borders to mass immigration and have destroyed traditional white working class areas, and still most working class people vote for them because they are promised the world not realising that they are being bribed with deceptive utopian lies that are synonymous with Socialist politics. When the working class repeatedly vote against their own interests despite the warnings and the visual reality of what is happening to their nations, then how can they be helped?

They have to realise that their future is Nationalism and that all else is a loaded gun pointing at their own heads.

For the white working class to have a homeland to pass on to their children they must embrace Nationalism.

For the white working class to have a safe homeland to pass on to their children they must embrace Nationalism.

For the white working class to protect the future of their children they must embrace Nationalism.

For the white working class to protect their jobs, housing, healthcare, school places and social care they must embrace Nationalism.

For the white working class to protect and preserve their race nation culture heritage traditions and families they must embrace Nationalism.

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