SCM Merchandise

SCM Merchandise

Smash Cultural Marxism is now into its 6th year of trying to wake as many of our people us as possible, we have had great success in reaching millions of our people with an alternative message that has resonated far and wide.

The Smash Cultural Marxism name is now well known in Nationalist circles and unfortunately people are now trying to make a profit on the back of the hard work we have put in for years by producing SCM merchandise that has absolutely nothing to do with us.

We have purposefully held back from producing items for sale because we didn’t want to be associated with profiteering from the cause and the important message that needs to be spread.

Having discovered that numerous people are producing SCM merchandise we feel that it’s about time we took control and started producing some of our own. We all have full time jobs, and spend most of our spare time doing what we can with the website and researching for posts and making memes. We have been censored on Facebook repeatedly for posting the uncomfortable truth in relation to what is happening in the West and still we try and reach as many of our people as possible.

If there is a demand for SCM items then we will start looking into having some produced. To be able to do that however we would need to be in a position to pay for things to be made, an initial outlay if you like. If you want to help us get off the ground in this regard then please make a donation and when doing so please leave us a message with any ideas or items you would like to see.

This isn’t something we wanted to do, but why should we stand by after putting years of hard work into our Facebook pages and website whilst others profit on the back of it?

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Smash Cultural Marxism