Piers Morgan the Virtue Signalling Anti-White

Spare me your contrived virtue signalling

Spare me your anti-white discourse

And spare all of us your self-righteous claptrap

This cringeworthy self-obsessed ‘celebrity’ recently penned an article titled‘If a Muslim terrorist had committed this Vegas atrocity we’d have a slew of new laws in a heartbeat. But because it’s an old white guy with guns NOTHING will happen.’

In it he ranted about the inaction in relation to gun laws and how nothing has been done despite an increase in gun attacks results in multiple deaths. He said:

‘Mass shootings in the US have steadily increased in number and size in recent years.

‘Aurora, Newtown, Orlando… each new attack was bigger, more spectacular.

‘And each time absolutely nothing was done to stop them happening again.’

Morgan is a well-known advocate of more stringent gun laws in the US and Americans could be forgiven for asking what exactly it has to do with a man who is not even a citizen of the country.

Even worse than his predictable rant about gun control laws, this dispicable individual and former editor of the Daily Mirror newspaper sacked for publishing false photos of British soldiers supposedly torturing Iraqi prisoners, went into a tirade about the racial identity of the killer saying that he was ‘He was just a crazy white American guy who woke up one day and fancied shooting everyone.’

One has to ask if this odious ethnomasochist said that the black person who shot dead 5 police officers was just a crazy black guy who woke up one day and fancied shooting police officers? Of course he didn’t despite the fact that the incident was undoubtedly racially motivated.

I wonder has he ever said after an Islamic terror attack that it was a crazy Muslim guy who woke up one day and fancied slaughtering people. Of course he hasn’t despite EVERY Islamic terror attack being carried out in the name of Islam.

The entire premise of his article is to suggest that if a Muslim had carried out this attack in Las Vegas then new laws would have been enacted. Well, Piers, Muslims have carried out countless terrorist attacks both in Europe and America and guess what, not ONE new law. There will no doubt be more attacks in the name of Islam in the future and we will all wait patiently for your demands to end Islamic immigration and thereby reduce the risk. We will wait for your article about banning the cause of Islamic terror which is the Qur’an itself. You won’t do that however because you are a self-loathing coward.

Like the snivelling little rodent that you are, you actually defended Islam and the Qur’an after the last Islamic attack in the UK and wouldn’t have a critical word said, but here you are now bringing the racial identity of the Las Vegas killer into the argument despite him being in a mixed race relationship. Where is your sympathy for the majority of victims who were white? If you can call the killer a crazy white man, why can’t you call those killed innocent white victims? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative does it and we all know you and people like you push an agenda via the media. 

If as you said, ‘Stephen Paddock just fancied being a celebrity. He was getting old, getting bored, and liked the idea of his name and face becoming world famous…’ Then what does him being white have to do with it? His motivation wasn’t his whiteness so why bring it into the conversation? You know as well as we do that it was to demonise whites just to try and deflect attention away from Islamic terrorism which IS motivated by something namely Islam.

Morgan went on to say that ‘If this shooter had been a Muslim, President Trump would have instantly branded it a terror attack, used it to justify his travel ban, and almost certainly expanded that ban. Draconian new laws would also have been immediately introduced to stop it happening again.’

Well no, as said above, hundreds have died as result of Islamic terrorism in Europe and America and no new laws. A sensible travel ban was put in place but people like Piers Morgan have a problem with that as well. I thought you would be all for a proactive approach to stop Islamic terrorism seeing as you want gun laws to prevent further mass killings, but no, no utterance from your mouth about halting or even reversing Islamic immigration into the West.

Again your anti-white agenda is clear for all to see with your reference to Paddock as being ‘a nutty white guy with murder on his mind for reasons we may never know.’

Reasons we will never know? But you said he was a nutty white guy, so you must believe his white identity was in some way related to the crime. If not then why mention it. Have you ever called black mass murderers or Muslim mass murderers nutty blacks or nutty Muslims? No you haven’t because you know you wouldn’t get away with it but it appears that people with a media profile such as you have free reign to racially demonise whites.

What you are is a self-loathing anti-white.

As far as the argument in favour of gun rights or gun laws is concerned, we fully support the rights of law abiding American citizens to bear arms to protect themselves from criminals, terrorists or a tyrannical government. That doesn’t mean we support or condone mass murder. The gun isn’t the problem, the person in control of it is. Never should a people be at the mercy of their government, police and military with no means to defend themselves.

In closing you said ‘For God’s sake Mr President, for God’s sake America, wake up to this repulsive malaise at the heart of your country and do something about it.’

I wonder if you would apply that same logic to the presence of Islam in the West.

Thought not. Hypocrite.

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