Alan Dershowitz Admits to Disproportionate Jewish Power

If a non-Jew was to state that Jews had disproportionate power and influence in Western nations then he would be called an anti-semite and attempts would be made to have him arrested. Alan Dershowitz is a prominent Jew in America, he is a well known lawyer, jurist and author. These comments cannot be ignored or denied, he is stating what is deemed unacceptable for non-Jews to say. For decades those who have said what Dershowitz says here have been labelled as anti-semitic conspiracy theorists. Jews and their non-Jewish allies have denied and ridiculed the idea of immense and disproportionate Jewish power, yet amongst themselves they openly admit to it. How can it be anti-semitism to merely repeat what what they themselves admit to?

Here is another example of a Jewish individual openly admitting to something that if it was said by a non-Jew would result in widespread condemnation.