If Child Sex Is More Common Among Gay Men, Are We Okay With That?

By Daniel Payne At some point we are going to have to address two horrifying subtexts from two recent public pseudo-scandals: one, is there a child sex problem in the gay male community? Two, is our society essentially tolerant of it? That seems to be the nauseatingly reasonable conclusion one could reach after the events of the past week involving provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and actor-activist George Takei. In a clip of a livestream webcast that resurfaced last week, Milo, the “dangerous faggot” and campus agitator of (former) Breitbart ...

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‘Gay’ couples’ children oppose same-sex marriage, tell of unpleasant upbringings

Majority disagrees, says parents’ inability to marry denies them legal protections, stability Most of the children of gays and lesbians who have filed court briefs in same-sex marriage cases say their parents’ inability to marry has deprived them of legal protections and hampered them from living their otherwise typical lives. But four adult children of gay parents — acting as a “quartet of truth,” according to their lawyer David Boyle in Long Beach, Calif. — have submitted briefs to the 5th U.S. CircuitCourt of Appeals opposing same-sex marriages, ...

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Benjamin Ginsberg on Jewish Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Tablet interview: “Q&A: Benjamin Ginsberg, the Author of ‘How the Jews Defeated Hitler’” [Tablet] One of the things that’s fascinating about my WASPy friends and compatriots is that so many dislike the State of Israel, to varying degrees. It bugs them. What interests me is trying to suss out the underlying or psychological impetus or sense of injury beneath these feelings, which are frankly less common in general among American gentiles than they are among American Jews. When I’ve asked them, “Why does this particular injustice bother you so ...

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