BBC Gives Platform for Anti-White Tirade by Mixed Race Transgender ‘Victim’

A mixed race transgender victim has unsurprisingly been given airtime on the BBC to state that: “the uncomfortable truth is that the white race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on earth”.

That’s your family he’s talking about, your children. Imagine if a white individual had said that blacks are the most criminal race on earth. There would have been a full scale media meltdown, protests, possibly riots and the person who stated it being arrested.

Munroe Bergdorf, went into a tirade about white people on the ‘This Week’ programme, claiming that for ‘her’ as a mixed race transgender person, “we live in a deeply racist society.”

“Why should we expect anything else from a country that’s built its success on the enslavement of non-white people?” he said.

Maybe somebody should inform this man, that the biggest enslaver of blacks, was other black people. Maybe he doesn’t know that millions of whites were enslaved by non-whites and that whites don’t use it as an excuse to get further up the victimhood league table. Britain wasn’t built on the back of slavery, Britain was built by some of the greatest minds, inventors, discoverers and pioneers the world has ever known.

“It’s that continuous cycle of racism that explains where we are now. Why does the UK acknowledge the sacrifice of people killed in wars, but not the spilt blood of black people?”

Don’t try and lecture white people about the ‘spilt blood of black people’ when black people kill black people at obscene levels on a daily basis. I don’t remember seeing this self-important attention seeking hypocrite when whites are murdered by non-whites, do you? He was very quiet when thousands of young white girls were groomed and raped by non-white Muslim men.

He went on to say: “we need to understand that racism is not learned, it’s inherited, and either consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege…”

Right, so whites are born ‘racist,’ it’s in our DNA. Again, imagine a white person had said that criminality is inherited in non-whites or that low IQ is inherited, there would outrage, but it is apparently ok with the BBC for an entire race of people to be demonised on one of its shows with no repercussions?

I don’t believe the Bergdorf should be prosecuted, I believe in absolute freedom of speech, what I oppose is the double standards that would not allow a white person to say something that the PC brigade and the non-white population didn’t like.

I wonder what Commisar Corbyn would make of Bergdorfs’ comments.

If you want to leave the BBC a message exposing their double standard then you can do so here and here

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