Britain: the totalitarian Cultural Marxist police state

Free Speech does not exist in Britain in any meaningful way especially if your thoughts and opinions diverge from the mainstream narrative on mass immigration, ‘diversity,’ and the future of the white British people.

Last weekend and earlier this week, three well known advocates of European interests have been arrested, detained and prevented from entering Britain for having ‘right wing’ views and for wanting to interview Tommy Robinson who was described as being a far-right extremist.

The three people stopped from entering the UK, Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern do not encourage violence, terrorism or riotous behaviour. They merely want to talk about issues of great importance to many people in Britain and across Europe. Sellner of Generation Identity simply wanted to give a talk about free speech at speakers corner a famous place in Britain renowned for its history of controversial speakers. It is supposed to be a place where free speech is guaranteed and where no topic is off limits. Unless of course you want to talk about what is being done to the British people and the European people in general.

For what reason would the state and their attack dogs on the left want to stop people from articulating ideas and thoughts that challenge the demographic and cultural path that Britain and Europe are on? I believe that the main reason they do this is to try and stop the message from reaching a wider audience thereby preventing the possibility of recruiting more people to the Nationalist cause. They do this through intimidation and through the creation of and enforcing of Orwellian laws that prevent people from expressing their opinions. This is self-censorship through the threat of criminal proceedings being carried out against an individual or group.

Another reason they do it is to keep a lid on what they have created and what they know is now leading to a great awakening amongst the British people. They are trying to use the force of the law to contain things so that order and conformity to the Zeitgeist of the duplicitous diversity agenda is maintained. The British establishment is fearful of what the rise in Nationalistic sentiment across Europe will mean for Britain. The powers that be are also pandering to the violent terrorists of the Communist and Anarchist Antifa movement that are the only group along with Islamic extremists that are ideologically motivated to encourage violence for political purposes. No Nationalist organisation that I’m aware of calls for political violence, and nor would we support any that did.

Antifa do not support free speech and evidently the British establishment are in agreement with them. Antifa use physical violence and intimidation to prevent free speech and the police despite claiming to protect free speech use the law to thwart the free speech of certain people and groups who happen to go against the grain of what is deemed acceptable thought and speech.

The extreme form of censorship of political dissidents is reminiscent of the worst of Soviet dictatorships. It used to be sufficient to label an individual or group as being ‘racist’ for expressing alternative views to the political mainstream, but now that weaponised word has lost its power the establishment has to resort to evermore totalitarian measures to silence those who don’t conform to the myth of diversity being a strength.

Britain First, a UK political party has had its two leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen jailed and their Facebook page with over 1 million followers has been taken down. This is blatant political discrimination against an organisation that whilst we don’t agree with them on every issue, campaigns against the Islamification of Britain and highlights the mass grooming of British girls by Muslim grooming gangs. It is fair to say that the local council leaders, police chiefs and social services should be in prison for their utter failure to stop this mass grooming across Britain and for trying to brush it under the carpet so as to maintain ‘community cohesion.’

All across Europe Nationalist policies are gaining more and more support and as yet Britian is still to see an emergence of a new party with big support at the ballot box. It seems to me that the British government is doing everything possible to make it as difficult as possible for any Nationalist group to gain any momentum especially after the Brexit vote which was achieved mainly because of anti-immigration sentiment.

The only way a multiracial/multicultural society can be maintained is through laws created to prevent people from opposing it. As things get worse, so the laws become more totalitarian and free speech is curtailed even more.

In Britain and across the Western world, our supposed leaders are committed to silencing dissenters to their diversity deception because they know that it is built on extremely unstable foundations. Their attempts to suppress all opposition to their ruinous agenda are doomed to fail. The truth is too powerful and will eventually overcome the mountains of lies.

The truth is hate to those that hate the truth, and in Britain, the truth has been labelled hate speech. Those who want to speak that truth are now denied entry into the country, and those within the country who speak that truth are likely to be prosecuted under Orwellian hate speech laws.

There will come a time when free speech will reign free once again, but that only comes when the people demand it and stop allowing the establishment to determine what is hate speech and what isn’t and start demanding that they be allowed to listen to alternative political opinions and that they be trusted to determine their own thoughts after hearing those alternative political opinions.

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