Frankfurt School

Cultural Marxism: The Manipulation of Language

  Critical Theory is a revolutionary political strategy that places its emphasis on the manipulation of language in order to distort and deconstruct the reality of its enemy (Whites). It is a grammar system, a process of constant dialectical critique – a revolution from above. Its intelligentsia are housed inside our universities – the churches of Cultural Marxism – they have over the decades educated generations of our managerial-class, financed by the rootless international money power. It is intellectual strategy that has enabled radical Marxist’s ideologues to remain ...

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‘Pride’: The Jewish Assault on Heterosexuality and Natural Gender Identity

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In his 1956 book Eros & Civilisation, a Marxist philosophical enquiry into Sigmund Freud. Herbert Marcuse discusses at length the dialectical conflict between reality and pleasure; from immediate satisfaction to delayed satisfaction, from play to work. This conflict is forever playing out in our lives; the Reality Principle vs. The Pleasure Principle. Unwarranted pure pleasure being destructive in that it conflicts with the reality of life – repression. This history of repression is the central theme to the Frankfurt School’s philosophy, as well as Freud’s. Repression of any ...

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Marcuses non-White Marxist Revolutionaries

Herbert Marcuse was the darling of the New Left, he foretold of a revolutionary potential in the 3rd World being realised that would rise up and overthrow the metropolis of capitalism – The West. This non-White horde of Marxist revolutionaries are here to breed you out of existence, it will take decades, even a century or two. They are here to steal your livelihoods, you possessions and your lives. Make no mistake about it, those single men who sit waiting at the gates of Europe and those who ...

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Forgetting Max Horkheimer: February 14, 1895 to July 7, 1973

By Alex Kurtagić1,310 words Max Horkheimer died 41 years ago today. Director of the Institute of Social Research from 1930 till 1953, Horkheimer was a leader of the Frankfurt School, a group that became identified with Critical Theory, a wholly speculative concoction blending Marxism and Freudian psychoanalysis. Horkheimer was born into a conservative, wealthy family of orthodox Jews. His father, Moritz, was a prosperous businessman, owning several textile factories; he expected his son to succeed him at the helm, and from 1910 prepared Max for a career in ...

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The Frankfurt School, Western Subversion by Design

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  The Frankfurt School might not have been based in the most prestigious of buildings, and most people might never have heard of it or known what its original inhabitants intentions were, but what came out of that building has had a major impact on our way of life and how our socities and culture have drastically declined. To understand our nations and society today, we have to understand the strategies to be employed and the ethnic/ideological motivations behind those who created the Frankfurt School. The decline would ...

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