Gender Identity

Cultural Marxism: The Manipulation of Language

  Critical Theory is a revolutionary political strategy that places its emphasis on the manipulation of language in order to distort and deconstruct the reality of its enemy (Whites). It is a grammar system, a process of constant dialectical critique – a revolution from above. Its intelligentsia are housed inside our universities – the churches of Cultural Marxism – they have over the decades educated generations of our managerial-class, financed by the rootless international money power. It is intellectual strategy that has enabled radical Marxist’s ideologues to remain ...

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‘Pride’: The Jewish Assault on Heterosexuality and Natural Gender Identity

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In his 1956 book Eros & Civilisation, a Marxist philosophical enquiry into Sigmund Freud. Herbert Marcuse discusses at length the dialectical conflict between reality and pleasure; from immediate satisfaction to delayed satisfaction, from play to work. This conflict is forever playing out in our lives; the Reality Principle vs. The Pleasure Principle. Unwarranted pure pleasure being destructive in that it conflicts with the reality of life – repression. This history of repression is the central theme to the Frankfurt School’s philosophy, as well as Freud’s. Repression of any ...

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The Gender is a ‘Social Construct’ Myth and the tragic case of David Reimer

Originally posted June 17 2015 One of the features of the Cultural Marxist assault on natural and biological realities, is the false idea that ‘gender identity is a social construct.’ Much like the false Boasian myth that says ‘race is a social construct,’ the attack on the reality of gender identity was designed to drive a wedge between male and female and the naturally assigned roles of men and women in society. Feminism, which is another key strategy of Cultural Marxism, is based on the myth of gender ...

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March of the ‘Male Mums?’

Over the years we have seen more and more of this lunacy being presented as normal by an absolutely sick and rotten agenda that is pushing it to the frontline of the morality war being waged against Western Civilisation. These people are women, they have female reproductive organs not male. They can take all the hormone treatment they want but they will never be men. They cannot change their DNA. The reason they had children is because they are WOMEN. They really do think that the general public ...

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