Race Card vs. Gay Card: Liberal sap Ellen DeGeneres accused of racism

Ellen DeGeneres has managed to find herself in the crosshairs of Twitter’s hysterical SJW community. The gay rights activist, usually a favourite of daytime T.V. liberals, tweeted a meme of herself riding on the back of Usain Bolt, which apparently upset a lot of hypersensitive white lefties who in typical whinging, childish fashion bombarded her twitter account with messages about how offensive they found the image. This has all been quite funny. Watching leftists and liberals fight amongst themselves over the most ridiculous non issues is always entertaining. PC culture really is the culture of overreaction. ...

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March of the ‘Male Mums?’

Over the years we have seen more and more of this lunacy being presented as normal by an absolutely sick and rotten agenda that is pushing it to the frontline of the morality war being waged against Western Civilisation. These people are women, they have female reproductive organs not male. They can take all the hormone treatment they want but they will never be men. They cannot change their DNA. The reason they had children is because they are WOMEN. They really do think that the general public ...

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Dr. Duke helping disaster relief in Prairieville, Louisiana.

  Dr. Duke, the former member of the Louisiana House of Representatives,  now running for a seat on the Louisiana Senate, joined in relief efforts after flooding in Prairieville. While his opponents could only offer prayers from the comfort of their Twitter accounts, Dr. Duke was quick to join local residents out on the streets filling sandbanks and offering any support he could. We commend Dr. Duke and wish him well in his campaign for Senate.  

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