Political Strategy

Balfour Declaration at 100 – 4th Baron, Lord Jacob Rothschild, speaks.

The 4th Baron, Lord Jacob Rothschild has chosen to speak about the creation of Israel, due to the 100 year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration approaching later on in the year in November. It is interesting to hear their version of events. As we know the reason for the Balfour Declaration was the fact Britain was losing World War I to the Germans. After many years of small scale occupation of Palestine by the Zionists, The Jews seized up on an opportunity. They promised to bring in the USA ...

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Winning the Hearts and Minds of Our People 

 ​ In any political struggle, it is the message that can capture the hearts and minds of the masses that will eventually prevail.  People are always more likely to embrace a message that they can resonate with and which appeals to them not just in a practical way, but in a logical and emotional way.  We as Nationalists are trying to sell our people a message, essentially we are advertising through our activism the message we wish them to embrace. Just as with any other advertising strategy you ...

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