Political Strategy

Nationalism is NOT Extremism

Extremism is defined as follows: ‘A person who holds extreme political or religious views, especially one who advocates illegal, violent, or other extreme action.’ Considering the definition of ‘extremism’ above, what is so extremist about wanting to protect and preserve the continuity of your people and culture so that your children and grandchildren have a place beneath the sun that they can call their own? It is completely natural to want to protect and preserve what has been bequeathed to you by your ancestors, it is completely abnormal ...

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Marxist Socialism is Super Capitalism

How does that work? How is it that the NWO have been so succesful in creating an unwashed army of subservient nose ringed slaves out of people who perversely think of themselves as ‘rebels’. And why do those slaves attack the very people who would save them? It is not until one realises that ‘Marxist Socialism/Communism’ and ‘Supercapitalism’ are the same. Socialism demands that…all of the economic and social functions of society are subservient to and controlled by the state. The ‘state’ is said to represent the people. ...

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Winning the Hearts and Minds of Our People 

 ​ In any political struggle, it is the message that can capture the hearts and minds of the masses that will eventually prevail.  People are always more likely to embrace a message that they can resonate with and which appeals to them not just in a practical way, but in a logical and emotional way.  We as Nationalists are trying to sell our people a message, essentially we are advertising through our activism the message we wish them to embrace. Just as with any other advertising strategy you ...

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