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The Problem with Christianity and its Internationalist Doctrine

This article isn’t an attack on Christianity or Christians, it is an analysis of the role Christianity is playing in the erosion of our European identity through an internationalist mindset and a rejection of the importance of ethnic and cultural identity in maintaining a civilisation.

I decided to write this article after watching a video from the Free Speech event in Hyde Park on 11th March 2018. By chance I came across a video which was of a Christian man questioning the validity of the ethno-Nationalist perspective in relation to the struggle to save the West. For me the video is a perfect example of why Christianity and people like this who preach its antithetical internationalist discourse are now part of the problem. I will explain my reasoning for this in the following words. It would be advisable to watch the video before reading on.

The attack on Christianity in the West has coincided with the attack on our ethnic and cultural identity. Indeed this is what Cultural Marxism is all about, the deconstruction of everything that stood in the way of Communist revolution in the West. Loyalty to nation, religion and an appreciation of and desire to preserve the ethnic identity of the West is what the Cultural Marxist left sought to destroy in the minds of Western people.

Our ethnic identity is who we are as a distinct people and our cultural identity is what our ancestors have created over millenia and which we maintain, protect and impart to future generations and which is largely rooted in Christianity. Both of these crucial foundations of the West, ethnicity and culture, are being targeted for destruction and there is no separating of the two. The annihilation of one leads to the fall of the other. Europe and the West will not survive if our ethnic and cultural identity don’t survive. Our enemies don’t seek the destruction of one without the other they see the two as being of equal importance in their long-term goals. For anybody to downplay the obvious targeting of the ethnic identity of the West is disingenuous and shows ignorance as to what is really going on.

The Christian Church once acted as an impenetrable bulwark against all threats to the West and to Europe in particular. Christian armies fought off repeated attempts at Islamic invasion. Charles Martel at the battle of Tours in the 8th century and the Siege of Vienna in the 16th being just two examples. Christianity once cast out any perceived threat from within our borders whereas now they welcome them with this internationalist narrative that is as harmful to Europe and the West every bit as much as Communism was.

Christians in Europe who would view millions of Christian Africans as being welcome in Europe merely because they are Christian are so gullible and naive it is untrue. They wouldn’t care one bit if the ethnic and cultural identity of Europe were to be lost forever replaced by non-European Christians because they believe the absolutely insane idea that Europe and Western Christian civilisation will survive regardless so long as Christianity is maintained. They believe that the magnificence of Europe and the West had nothing to do with the European body mind and spirit, and would have you believe that Africans could have created what our ancestors did and that it simply ‘would not matter’ if Europeans as a people were replaced.

What they try and do is to seperate the nation and its ethnic and cultural identity from their own narrative of Christian internationalism. They want Europeans to ignore our interests as an ethnic/racial group in favour of a theological doctrine that says our ethnic identity is unimportant.

The greatness of European/Western civilisation with its architecture, literature, music, philosophy, ingenuity and tenacity is born of the European not Christianity. Sure, Christianity inspired the European, but without the European spirit and genius we would not have seen arguably the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen rise from the soil of the European continent.

The Christianity espoused by this man in the video will be the death of Europe and the European people. It will not serve as a defender of European civilisation but as a facilitator in its demise. What he advocates is Christian multiracialism (reffered to as Christian multiculturalism in the video) which he would see replace the European people in our own ancestral homelands. The utter absurdity of admitting multiculturalism to be a disaster in the West one minute, then claiming that there is Christian multiculturalist alternative just because in a Church you may see different races praying to the same God is symptomatic of the debilitating rot that has set in to the Christian religion and why it now represents a threat to the West rather than a protector.

It isn’t that ethno-Nationalists seperate the importance of Christiantity from the West, it’s because many ethno-Nationalists now see that Christianity as an organised religious body is not only apathetic and ignorant in relation to the ongoing attack upon the West, but is actually taking part in that attack on many levels either wilfully or through a false sense of duty to the internationalist doctrine of Christianity as championed by the man in this video.

‘A country for everybody is a country for nobody.’ Similarly a family home for every family ceases to be a family home.

It’s an often repeated quote but sums up perfectly the response that should be given to these internationalist Christians when they try and defend their multiracialist internationalist narrative. One should ask whether he as a Christian supports borders at all, and if so, what is the point if he would welcome anybody to cross them.

The failure of the European people to have enough children as alluded to by the Christian in the video is not just a religious issue, it is very much a racial and ethnic issue and the declining birthrate amongst Europeans has been no accident with the promotion of abortion, contraception, alternative lifestyles, homosexuality, hedonism, feminism etc which are also important issues for Christians, or should be. These are all strategies employed to purposefully reduce the European birthrate and masquerade as being policies of social progress. The subversion and dismantling of the nuclear family is also very much a part of the declining birthrate no doubt, but that isn’t just to attack the religion that the Western nuclear family was rooted in, it was also to demographically decimate the European people over the ensuing decades.

The man in the video states that his values are ‘more English’ than the man he is talking to near the end of the video because in his opinion his ‘values’ are connected to ‘2000 years of English history.’ Maybe he needed reminding that the ethnic and racial identity of the English and indeed of the European people go back many thousands of years before the birth of Christ.

Near the end of the video he says that:

“The only patriotism I have is to the Church, that means if the English are opposed to the Church then I am opposed to the English.”

Need we say anymore about why his version of Christianity is extremely detrimental to the future of Britain and the West in general? As far as I’m concerned this man Bob, is every bit as bad as a Cultural Marxist, he just espouses a Christian interpretation of it to give it a veneer of religious justification and respectability. This man may believe himself to be right and he is entitled to his opinion, but he is nothing short of an embarrassment to the true Christian religion that only became part of the West in such splendor because of the European. If Christianity was all important for the creation of civilisation, then why is it that Africa a continent with many many millions of Christians has achieved nowhere near the same levels of civilisational accomplishments that are synonymous with Europe and the West?

Like I said at the beginning of this post, this isn’t an attack on Christianity. I believe that Christianity is very important both culturally and theologically to the survival of the West. However in its current form and which is shown in this video, it is far from being a religion that can help save the West at present. There are many Christians that are racially aware and who do not subscribe to the idea that religion overrides the importance of identity. It is for true Christians who understand this to oppose the harmful interpretation of Christianity evident in the video.

I guarantee that if the European people do not survive in Europe and lose our majority status in the next half a century, then Christianity in the West will perish alongside us. It’s already happening. It’s no coincidence that at the same time as Europeans are being demographically displaced, Christianity is in steep decline. This is because both are being subjected to a subversive war of attrition.


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