CNN Interviews Jared Taylor on White Identity

In this video Jared Taylor states his case for legitimacy of white advocay in an interview with CNN reporter Sara Sidner.

As Jared makes his case for the legitimacy of white advocay, the interviewer repeatedly refers to ‘white supremacy’ and ‘white power’ to answer anything Mr Taylor says and is excellently pulled up for this and the false argument she is trying to make is exposed for what it is.

These people don’t seem able to comprehend that white people also have rights and specifically a right to exist as whites in historically white nations and in nations in which whites have founded and built. That doesn’t mean that whites have any designs on oppressing others, it simply means that we, as less than 10% of the global population, and with a declining birthrate, do not want to be flooded with the world’s majority racial populations. If this continues then whites will cease to exist, it is perfectly normal natural and healthy for whites to oppose that just as it would be for any other group facing the same situation to oppose it.

Of course this interviewer couldn’t care less if whites are displaced. She asks more than once “why does it matter?” Would she ask that question to the Palestinians? The Tibetans? Or any other group that was being engineered into a minority? Would she be ok with the continent of Africa becoming non-African?

If it would be wrong for a population in a country like Nigeria for example to be demographically engineered into a minority, being replaced by Asians or Europeans, then why is it ok for Europeans and European nations to be engineered into a minority under the false deceptive slogans of ‘diversity,’ ‘tolerance’ and ‘enrichment?’

The fact of the matter is, the huge non-white population that is now in Western nations see themselves as being the rightful heirs to OUR homelands. They really do believe that we deserve to be dispossessed and that they should inherit what our ancestors created and left for us. They play on the false narrative of victimhood and the ideologically motivated singling out of whites as being somehow uniquely and inherently evil and therefore deserving of being displaced and disempowered.

They are so confident and brazen now that they openly question the morality of our right to advocate our own interests. They see the future as being one of their dominance over us. Our growing awareness of and awakening to our interests as a race unsettles them because they don’t want whites to come together in the interests of whites. They are happy to see us divided and wallowing in false guilt and false shame. They want us all to be self-loathing suicidal fools so that they can brush us aside as they advance into our nations.

The last thing they want, is for whites to embrace the message of people like Jared Taylor and others and so they throw labels like ‘white supremacy’ and ‘white power’ into the mix to try and make other whites distance themselves from what he has to say. They give him a platform not to let his message be heard and his point of view be given fair consideration, but to be attacked as being morally repugnant. This is how sinister the fake news media operates. It deviously attempts to manipulate the narrative in whatever direction fits with its own agenda.

Jared Taylor did an excellent job in turning this back around on them and it would be great to see him give an interview like this on British television some time.

Take a look at Jared Taylors website.

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