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Cultural Marxism is Critical Theory

‘…Critical Theory was a prototype of the politics of personal destruction. What the latter does to popular leaders, Critical Theory does to an entire nation through repeated assaults on its past. It is the moral equivalent of vandalising the graves and desecrating the corpses of its ancestors. Many of the institutions that now have custody of America’s past operate on the principles of Big Brother’s Ministry of Truth: drop down the “memory hole” the patriotic stories of America’s greatness and glory, and produce new “warts-and-all” histories that play up her crimes and sins, revealing what we have loved to be loathsome and those we have revered to be disreputable, even despicable. Many old heroes have not survived the killing fields of the New History. Ultimate goal: Destroy patriotism, kill the love of country, demoralise the people, deconstruct America. History then will no longer unite and inspire us, but depress and divide us into the children of victims and the children of the villains of America’s past.’ – Patrick Buchanan ‘The Death of the West’.

Want to understand Cultural Marxism? Then you need to understand what Critical Theory is and how it has been applied by academia to Western civilisation. The theory basically is to criticise every foundation of the West as being racist, sexist, anti-semitic and oppressive. In doing this the West is undermined, our history is besmirched, our ancestors denigrated, our culture is attacked and our people become detached from their racial and cultural roots becoming full of false guilt and false moral shame.

This subversive assault on the consciousness of our people through academia has been specifically put in place to achieve certain goals. It was the Judeo Frankfurt School theorists who poisoned the well of Western academic institutions which churn out generation after generation of indoctrinated robots regurgitating their anti-Western anti-European bile.

Critical Theory can be applied to different things to isolate them for specific criticism. For example we have what is known as Critical Race Theory which targets the white race for criticism. There is Critical Family Theory which targets the family, Critical Sexuality Theory which attacks the heterosexual foundations of a healthy society, Critical Patriarcy Theory which attacks the male and the father and which is part of the feminist agenda. There is also Critical Art Theory and Critical Literature Theory which attack the artistic and literary aspects of the West.

Critical Theory can be applied to anything that is deemed to be an obstacle to the ‘social and cultural revolution’ that was put in place by the Frankfurt School theorists and subversives. It is a simple strategy which has had devastating consequences for society. The only way it can be countered is to regain control of our institutions and expose it for the seditious agenda that it is so that future generations are not brainwashed into hating themselves, their ancestors, their culture and ultimately their own people.

We need to retake our academic, media and political institutions from these alien fifth columnists and enemies in our midst.


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