Cultural Marxism & Islam – The Conflicting Tolerance

Those who have imposed a moral revolution against the West and who have attacked our longstanding moral traditions and social institutions, have paradoxically aligned themselves with an alien and hostile religious ideology which is extremely morally conservative and which is opposed to much of—if not all–of the so-called ‘liberal values’ that they say the West is built upon and which they claim to defend.

Of course these ‘liberal values’ are more accurately described as being Cultural Marxist values and have nothing to do with classical liberalism, they have nothing to do with Western values but everything to do with destroying the West and everything that made the West great. The ‘liberal values’ that they speak of are ‘values’ that are real life Orwellian Newspeak designed to deceive the masses into accepting their fate. The ‘values’ they espouse as being part of the fabric of the West are in fact toxic deceptions designed to destroy.

To the average person who is not politically minded and who is not aware of what Cultural Marxism is, this strange paradox will go unnoticed. They won’t understand the contradictions that are manifest in the narrative of the egalitarianists in relation to what they say they want for society and what Islam actually brings. The unthinking public will not realise that the mass importation of Islam, and the idea of ‘Western liberal values’ are absolutely incompatible with each other. Nor do they comprehend the potentially dire consequences that could arise out of that incompatibility and the ignorance and apathy of the masses in relation to it.

The Cultural Marxist worldview and the Islamic doctrine cannot coexist in any society it is that simple. What the Cultural Marxists tell you is bad about the West, in terms of what they call an oppressive patriarchal system based on the theological grounds of Christianity, is nothing compared to what Islam will bring, yet they welcome mass Islamic immigration into the West which is a nonsensical approach towards achieving their supposed progressive aims. You then have to ask the question why would they be so supportive of something that is so obviously contrary to their own goals?

What they are doing is supporting the importation of a hostile religious ideology – and millions of its followers – which is far worse than what they tell you they are fighting against in the West. If they see Christianity as being oppressive and the patriarchal nature of the nuclear family as being oppressive, then why would they want to replace it with something much worse?

Many of those who support ruinous Cultural Marxist ideas will not understand the irony in their support for the religious ideology of Islam being present in the West in huge numbers, and their pursuit of a morally bankrupt and polymorphistic anything goes perverse society. They don’t see that their mythical utopia that does away with morality, marriage, the family, authority, religion and European identity is totally incompatible with the mass importation of Islam which stands opposed to absolutely everything the ‘progressives’ campaign for.

Islam is a monolithic ideological doctrine that allows no religious or ideological rival, no deviation from its core principles, has no intetention of embracing secularism and has no patience for ‘tolerance.’

Unholy Alliance

The Cultural Marxist left – and in paticular the so-called ‘antifa’ movement – will always be seen on counter-demonstrations standing side-by-side with aggressive Muslims against people who rightly warn of the dangerous trajectory European nations are on as a result of mass immigration. Muslims don’t believe in ‘anti-racism’ however, they believe in conquest in the name of Islam and see the anti-racist antifa types as being nothing more than pathetic and treacherous useful idiots who at some point in the future will feel the full force of Islamic disdain for their atheistic and morally corrupt worldview.

Muslims have nothing but contempt and antipathy for the value system of those who march under the Godless antifa flags and see them as simply being a means to an end. This is also how the treacherous antifa movement also see Islam and Muslims, as a tool to be used in the pursuit of their own aims, a battering ram to be used against the West both demographically and culturally. They have no sympathy, empathy or common cause with Islam or its teachings, but they are both motivated by a desire to see the West fall for different reasons.

There is nothing more amusing and ironic than seeing a so-called ‘anti-racist’ protest with antifa flags, hammer and sickles and the rainbow flag being flown alongside Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar.” The contradictory absurdity should be clear for everyone to see. The atheistical Communists and the staunchly religious followers of Islam in union against those who stand against mass immigration, demographic displacement and cultural atrophy. You couldn’t make it up.

Whilst the Cultural Marxist SJW’s claim to be defending freedom and equality, the Islamic invaders laugh in the face of freedom and have no interest in so-called equality. Islam at its very core is anti-equality and anti-freedom. They will use the antifa fools for as long as they serve a purpose but have nothing in common with them and no common ground to form genuine long-lasting alliances with them.

The virtue signalling neurotic and gullible footsoldiers of Cultural Marxism don’t see the precarious situation that the West is in, and how their own worldview—which is inherently flawed—is totally inconsistent with the presence of Islam. They also don’t see that far from creating a better future, they are facilitating the creation of a future which will be defined by ethnic and religious conflict in which the innocent will suffer. Those who bring awareness to this don’t desire that future of conflict, we seek to prevent it by bringing the people of Europe to their senses for if we don’t collectively understand the dangerous future that is being created, then it will be ALL of our children who suffer and nobody wants that.

It is a colossal miscalculation on the part of the majority of Cultural Marxist ‘anti-racists’ lemmings to see Islam and Muslims as being allies in their war against the West. The Cultural Marxist ideologues however who push this poison onto society through academia and the media, know full well what they are doing, and use their naive adherents and followers to attack those who speak out about the dangers of mass immigration and mass Islamic immigration in particular. They see the Islamification of the West as serving their ideological goals whereas their dupes just support whatever makes them feel good and morally virtuous. They are conformists without the ability to think freely for themselves.

Agents of Revolution

The reasoning of the Cultural Marxist left in supporting Islam and mass Islamic immigration into the West is that to bring down the West, destroy our ‘oppressive’ institutions and to replace ‘racist whites,’ requires a mass movement of people into the West that are racially, culturally and religiously divergent from the indigenous population. Without this demographic, racial and cultural transformation of the West, then the enemies of the West could not prevail. Without this engineered destruction of Western civilisation, the people of the West would remain strong and vigourously opposed to anything that threatened them. This is why the war against the West has been a war of demographic attrition of psychological subversion. It hasn’t happened overnight, it has been a gradualistic war waged against us that we are now beginning to understand.

Mass third-world immigration to our enemies, is simply the importing of agents of revolution. People that can easily be manipulated and imbued with a sense of victimhood, entitlement, resentment, and a desire to see the West fall. Herbert Marcuse himself said that he saw in the third-world a ‘revolutionary potential’ and that is why the left is so supportive of mass Immigration and no borders, because they see it as advancing their own revolutionary goals.

How Muslims View the West

Western society is reminiscent of Weimar Germany, a society of decadence and immorality. A cultural rot has set in, not by accident, but by design with the intention of weakening and undermining traditional Western morality. Promiscuity is encouraged, degeneracy is the norm and the pursuit of hedonism is now the preeminent pastime for the masses. Islam, as an intensely socially conservative way of life, looks down upon this and is totally opposed to it. They will never embrace that way of life, will never integrate into that way of life, and will seek to segregate themselves away from it. They are happy for Westerners to self-destruct, but they will not allow themselves as a community to become fractured by cultural rot.

In terms of geopolitics, Muslims see the West both politically and militarily as waging war against Islam, and Muslims will always put Islam before whatever Western nation they happen to reside in and it is extremely naive for anybody to believe otherwise. They see Western nations as waging a crusade against their fellow Muslims and therefore this further highlights the lunacy of allowing mass Islamic immigration into the West.

Communism, Atheism & Islam

Islam is a religious, societal and moral belief system that demands the propagation of that system throughout the world by force if necessary. This can also be done via the womb so that Islam is spread demographically and comes to dominate through sheer numbers. That Islam is a staunchly authoritarian theocratic system rooted in a religious text that commands its expansion, it makes no sense on the face of it, that the atheist Communistic left would support its increasing presence. You would think that these ‘revolutionaries’ would understand that what they believe in, is totally at odds with Islam and that they would be against the growing presence of an opposing and militaristic belief system that at some point they would come into conflict with.

The left have spent decades undermining and weakening Christianity in the West in the belief that it was necessary for their own ideological success. It seems strange then, that having largely achieved this aim, that they would be so in favour of the mass immigration of people who are strictly religious and who oppose their own leftist worldview. Kind of defeats the object doesn’t it. Having deconstructed the religious roots of the West, they now support the emerging dominance of an alien religion from the East.

What the West is and what the West isn’t 

Western Civilisation was not made great on the back of abstract ideas of ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity,’ it was made great by the great sacrifices of our ancestors, their bravery in battle, their ingenuity, fortitude, their inventiveness, their pioneering spirit and their ability to bounce back from calamity.

To be told by the left that the West is characterised by ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ is insane. These concepts have been concocted by a subversive and manipulative foe that infests our academia, the media and politics and they have been pushed only relatively recently to prop up their destructive agenda and to coerce the masses into a naive and ignorant acceptance of what is being done.

To think that marches by half dressed militant homosexuals carrying the rainbow flag for example is what the West is built upon is laughable. To think that the West was made great by importing millions of people from different races and cultures is equally as ridiculous. In fact, history shows us that this is one way in which civilisations fall, so to suggest that ‘diversity’ is a Western value or that ‘tolerance’ is a unique characteristic of the West is cretinous to say the least. These fallacious ideas are pushed by our enemies, our civilisation did not become the greatest in human history because it tolerated what was bad for it, the greatest civilisation the world has ever known is decaying because of ‘tolerance.’

The West is not ‘gay pride,’ the West is not multiracialism, the West is not transgenderism, the West is not Feminism. The list goes on and on.


Feminism is one of the pillars of the Cultural Marxist worldview and is used to deconstruct the nuclear family and the unique complementary bond between men and women which has existed for millenia.

Equal rights for women is now hatred for all that is male, but if we look at the narrative that feminists push about how evil the Western patriarchal system is and how oppressive it is to women, we can see the obvious contradiction of this narrative in relation to Islam which is ruthlessly patriarchal and which is oppressive to women.

Feminists never speak out about the evils of FGM (female genital mutilation) for example, or if they do it isn’t at the forefront of their agenda, the reason being that feminists are overwhelmingly in favour of multiculturalism and immigration and don’t want to be seen as targeting the Islamic community. It is rank hypocrisy that they ignore the blatant oppression of women under Islam, whilst wailing about how evil and oppressive the white heterosexual male is in the West.

Feminism, which is a branch of Communistic Cultural Marxism used to attack the West, cannot explain with any integrity why it supports the increasing presence of Islam at the same time as supposedly supporting women’s rights. When in the future Islam dominates and secularism is replaced with Islamic religious law, what will be the argument of the feminist as women are stoned to death for adultery or when FGM becomes routine practice? They won’t have any argument. They may claim that they never foresaw a situation like this coming about, but even that wouldn’t hold water considering the many many warnings that have been given.

Pointing out this contradictory narrative will lead to derision and defamation by the footsoldiers of political correctness.


Islamic households tend to have large families as did the Western Christian household before the onset of the sexual revolution which is responsible for the disastrous decline in the birthrate of Europeans. Abortion on demand, oral contraception, promotion of promiscuity and sexual freedom (sexual anarchy) and the decline of the family have all contributed to this declining birthrate and Muslims tend to reject these as they are considered un-Islamic. This has resulted in a rising Muslim population which has now surpassed the growth rate of indigenous Europeans and will lead eventually to a majority Muslim population which would do away with the so-called sexual freedoms of the West. Again this is another example of the paradoxical narrative of those on the left who support these ‘liberal values’ at the same time as supporting mass Islamic immigration into the West.

Mixed Marriage

Muslims frown upon the marriage of members of their own community with non-Muslims and aggressively seek to prevent it. Whilst people in the West are accused of not accepting the Muslim community, the Muslims themselves have no intention of integration and self-segregate themselves to prevent their assimilation into Western society. Their objection to mixed marriage is not just for religious reasons, but is also based on racial and cultural objections. If Europeans reject mixed marriage however, it is considered the height of racism and intolerance. Many Muslim families would rather cast out their own children than be subjected to the ‘shame’ and ‘dishonour’ of them marrying non-Muslims.


It is explicitly stated in the Islamic doctrine that apostasy is punishable by death, how does this fit in with the secular society of the West and religious freedoms? How can such an extreme form of religion coexist in a society that seeks to uphold religious freedom, secularism and atheistic views especially when that religion is on course to dominate the said society in the decades to come?

Islam will never maintain or support a secularist state, it’s absolutely driven by a desire to see Islam and Islamic law supplant Western secularism and for Islam to become the governing ideology of the state. That our globalist political leaders and the Cultural Marxist left deny this and attepmt to hide the fact is the greatest betrayal of the European people since the Second World War.


‘Gay rights’ are not a hallmark of Western civilisation nor are they a Western value. Support for, and promotion of the militant homosexual agenda is playing its part in destroying the very fabric of the West which is rooted in the nuclear family and traditional marriage. Those who claim that they oppose Islam in the West because of its treatment of homosexuals and because of their support for the ‘LGBT’ community and who do so believing that they are upholding Western values, couldn’t be more wrong. The militant homosexual agenda which seeks to force acceptance of homosexuality onto society is part of the subversive Cultural Marxist strategy to deconstruct the foundations of Western Civilisation.

Oppose the Islamification of the West by all means, but don’t be so naive as to think that the militant homosexual agenda which is a major part of the Cultural Marxist agenda is any friend or ally of the West.

Many homosexuals who say that they are opposed to Islam do so not because of a desire to see the West survive, but out of their own interests as homosexuals. What they want to protect is not the true nature and character of Western Civilisation, but the Culturally Marxist reinterpretation of what the West is.

Homosexuality in Islam is also said to be punishable by death, and examples of this have been seen in recent times as homosexuals have been thrown off buildings in the Middle East. Again, how does this fit in with a leftist worldview that reveres homosexuals and which holds them up as being an oppressed victim group in need of protection?

The left has created a situation in which different victimhood narratives clash and they are left not knowing which side to take. Do they support the ‘oppressed homosexual’ or the Muslim immigrants? This shows the folly of their use of identity politics to bring down the West, because different groups of so-called ‘victims’ will inevitably clash for one reason or another.

Trying to accomodate Islam in the West is a akin to trying to force square pegs into round holes, you can expend as much energy as you like trying, but it will never work.


If Nationalism in the West fails, then the obvious conflictory nature of Islam and Communistic atheistic Cultural Marxist Secularism will eventually lead to conflict between the two. This just goes to show the pathological lunacy of the Cultural Marxist position which is currently aiding and abetting this dangerous situation and which imperils the future of our continent and our future generations. Once Islam becomes dominant, then all of the Cultural Marxist ‘values’ that they hold dear will be trampled underfoot by the Mohammedan hordes.

Our defence of the West against Islam, Cultural Marxism and those who have brought them to our shores is meant to preserve what centuries of our ancestors have worked hard for, shed blood for, struggled for and ultimately died for. What our enemies say is bad about the history of the West and what they say is bad about our ancestors, will pale into insignificance when Islam takes over and when the realisation sets in that the destruction of the West does not come without severe consequences.

What we see in the West today is an attempt by many so-called Nationalists to defend and promote these psudeo ‘Western values’ against the rise of Islam not knowing that what they defend is also destroying the West. Essentially they are defending a society poisoned with Cultural Marxism against what they see as a socially conservative religion that would be fully opposed to that way of life. Both Islam and Cultural Marxism are toxic for the West, and for the West to survive requires opposition to both.

Whilst we must all oppose the Islamification of the West for the sake of our future generations, we must do so for the right reasons, and not in defence of what is also being used to destroy us.

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