Demand Justice for Chelsey Wright!


On the 4th September 2016, a young mother of three children from Sunderland was out with her friends and family. She was abducted, raped and brutally beaten by a gang of ‘refugees’ from Syria, Iraq and Bahrain.

She woke up in a strange house naked with no recollection of how she got there and was confronted by a man who she described as looking ‘Turkish.’ He refused to let her leave the room beating her head against the door and as he attempted to let another man into the room Chelsey made her escape but was confronted with more men who beat her, pulled her hair and kicked her down a flight of stairs determined not to let her leave the house.

Chelsey managed to fight her way out of the house as the group of ‘refugees’ tried to drag her back in by her hair. She eventually made it to the home of a family member and the police were alerted to what had happened.

Chelsey was examined at a sexual assault clinic and it was found that she had been raped and had extensive injuries as a result of her ordeal.

What has happened since the attack has been nothing short of shameful. The gang of ‘refugees’ who were arrested have been released on bail and no charges have been brought against them leaving Chelsey, her family and the local community having to now fight for justice.

As a result of the lack of action by the police and the justice system, Chelseys’ brother went to the house of those responsible where the attack happened to confront those responsible and now he is languishing in prison such is the state of the criminal justice system in the UK. A woman abducted, brutally raped and attacked has no justice, and her brother is now in jail because of their inability to deliver justice for his sister as the migrant rapists walk freely around the city.

Predictably, the mainstream media has been extremely quiet about this incident. The reason is obvious, the perpetrators are not white working class British men, but are Syrian and Iraqi ‘refugees.’ If the roles had been reversed and a group of six white men had abducted a Syrian or Iraqi woman with 3 children and subjected her to such an ordeal then the national media and the ‘anti-racist’ groups would be all over it reporting and protesting about the ‘evils of white racism.’ When a young white mother is the victim then there is almost absolute silence.

The entire narrative surrounding the ‘refugee crisis’ is that these people are desperate and need our help. Nobody (besides Nationalists) consider the threat they may pose to the nations they are allowed into in terms of terrorism and sexual assault which we have seen all across Europe.

We have seen terrorist attacks carried out by so-called refugees, and we have seen mass sexual assaults and incidents such as what happened to Chelsey on a regular basis. A 10 year old boy raped in Austria by an Iraqi refugee claiming that it was a sexual emergency. A 7 year old girl raped in a park in Germany. Mass sexual attacks in Cologne on New Years Eve.

The list is endless yet our corrupt politicians have no concern for the native people of Europe when they allow millions of undocumented ‘refugees’ and migrants to flood into our nations.

Chelsey, like so many others, is a victim of political treachery and an insane manifestation of pathological altruism in relation to the media manipulation of the public consciousness over the refugee crisis.

This should never have happened. She should never have become a victim of foreign criminals allowed into our country by weak and agenda driven politicians. One victim is one victim too many, and there have been thousands of victims all across Europe.
Please help to bring attention to this abhorrent crime by signing this petition and sharing this video

There is a march for justice planned for the 13th May and anybody who can make it please do so. We have to make a stand against our corrupt and treacherous political establishment. This could have happened to your daughter, your niece, your mum.



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