The Demographic Revolution Destroying the Western World


“Whites Will Become A Minority…This Is Our Country” – Jorge Ramos


Here we have Jorge Ramos, a Mexican-born American journalist and author admitting that by 2044 whites in America will become a minority in the land that their forefathers founded and created. He says that America is “our country not theirs” and by ‘our’ he means the non-whites, and by ‘theirs’ he means whites. He refers to the 1965 Immigration Act (The Immigration and Nationality Act or Hart-Cellar Act) saying that people who were against mass immigration into America i.e. white Trump supporters, wanted a return to 1965 when America was a majority white country. It is important to note that prior to 1965 America was over 90% European in racial origin and this racial balance was to be maintained through immigration restrictions. Essentially the balance was to ensure that America remained a majority European nation. All of the institutions in America, the culture, architecture, traditions and laws were created by the European. America is a nation that was built in the image of the European spirit. Therefore the desire to want the country to remain majority European is completely natural and justified. Would anybody oppose Africans wanting Africa to remain majority African and African traditions and culture to be maintained? Would anybody consider Africans racist for wanting this?

The 1965 Open Immigration Act which was vigorously campaigned for by Jewish groups and prominent Jews such as Emanuel Cellar was designed to do away with the racial balance of the nation and to open up American borders to the masses of the third-world. Those behind the 1965 Immigration Act intentionally deceived the American people by claiming that the demographic composition of the country would not change. The observable reality now however, is that America like Europe, is being demographically transformed by mass non-white immigration. Just take a look around American cities today and you will see the results of the 1965 Open Immigration Act which should really be renamed the 1965 Enforcement of Multiracialism Act which is exactly what it is in practical terms. Is anybody really going to suggest that if America were still 90% European that there would the levels of crime seen today? Are they going to suggest that America would be plagued by gangs? Is anybody going to suggest that Chicago would be a war zone and that Detroit which is a majority African American city would be in the state it is today?

Jorge Ramos made reference to a “Demographic Revolution” taking place in the US, yet this is happening across the entire Western world. Canada, Australia and Western Europe are all undergoing the same Demographic Revolution which has been brought about by a hostile and alien elite determined to see white racial consciousness and white homogeneity destroyed forever.

All across the West people have been called racists for saying what is now so obviously true and which demographic experts are now saying, and that is that whites are going to become the minority in their own ancestral homelands this century as a result of mass immigration and state enforced multiculturalism. Non-whites and Jews are now boasting about the fact. None of this has been an accident, it is not just a coincidence that white nations across the world are suffering from the same problems. This Demographic Genocide is masked behind terms such as ‘diversity’ and ‘enrichment,’ but be under no illusion, this is not enriching and it is not about diversity. This is aimed at your very existence as white people. Mass immigration and state enforced multiculturalism are nothing short of biological warfare being waged against you by your politicians who serve the interests of international finance and their globalist New World Order agenda.

Non-whites who are now consolidated in entire parts of towns and cities across the West are looking forward to the day when whites become a minority. They openly acknowledge that the future is majority non-white and support our demographic dispossession fully. What is happening across the West is a facilitated demographic conquest in which the non-white masses of the third-world are the foot soldiers of Jewish Globalism.


Watch the following video for more information on the intentional opening of America’s borders to the third-world.