Demonising the White Working Class

The interests of the white working class people of Europe and the West are not to be found in the globalist & leftist imposition of multiculturalism, mass immigration and so-called diversity into their nations of which the white working class are the target. How can any ideology, political party or individual claim to support or represent the white working class when they support the very policies that harm them and which are pushed by an elite they supposedly oppose?

The white working class have an identity that they are well within their rights to want to maintain and preserve. The only people who lose out as a result of the top down assault on that identity are the white communities that have had mass immigration forced upon them and who have seen their towns and cities transformed by a hostile political elite serving the interests of international finance globalism. The political and Cultural Marxist left are misleading the white working class down a road which leads to their own utter deracination with a false doctrine of ‘unity’ and ‘solidarity’ with those brought here to displace us.

It is the indigenous European populations of Europe and the West that are told that they have to embrace this forced change or be labelled and designated forever as moral pariahs for not accepting their own displacement.

When any other group stands up for their own interests as a group it is praised and encouraged, but when whites do it in our OWN homelands we are attacked from almost every angle. What does that tell you?

I recently watched part 1 of a documentary series about the white working class presented by a ‘Professor Green’ real name Stephen Paul Manderson. A British rapper who grew up in Hackney London the only white child in his class.

The show followed three young white working class men, and delved into their problems and wishes. Predictably from Channel 4 the most degenerate and Cultural Marxist of television channels, it was skewed to show that when the white working class stand up for their own interests as a group, then it is somehow a bad thing. One part of the programme featured a Britain First rally which ‘Professor’ Green attended for the purposes of the documentary, and the only reason he did this was to present a false narrative about the white working class who stand up for their own group interests.

At one point ‘Professor Green’ asked one of the interviewees what he wanted the streets to look like. This was done to make him look bad if he had said something that C4 could use to demonise white advocacy in the eyes of the watching public. Would this self-styled ‘professor’ go to any African or Asian nation and ask what they want their streets to look like? Would he question why there is no demographic and culture changing mass immigration being imposed in those nations? Highly unlikely. He would probably agree that Africans and Asians have every right to want to maintain their African and Asian identity.

If the person who was asked the question had said that he would like to see the streets of Britain represent the racial and cultural heritage of the British Isles over thousands of years he would have been portrayed as having ‘racist views.’ If he had said that he didn’t believe that the native British population becoming a minority this century was a good thing and that he opposed it, he would have been portrayed as having ‘racist views’ because whites are just expected to accept whatever the elite do to their country without ever questioning it.

‘Professor’ Green it could be said, is a product of the non-white environment in which he grew up. A person can either become rootless in such an environment, or can seek out his roots and seek to preserve them. Lived experience for many whites in majority non-white areas leads them to embrace Nationalism through a practical understanding of the issues mass immigration and demographic change bring to an area.

Presenting the white working class as being intolerant and racist for not wanting their countries changed by mass immigration which will engineer them into a minority is purely ideologically motivated. Those who do it are serving an ideological agenda that is anti-white and which is geared towards the total transformation of white working class communities and Western nations.

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