‘Diversity’ Propaganda as Psychological Manipulation

Take a long hard look at this image and understand that ‘diversity’ as is being portrayed here, is all about engineering whites into a minority. This kind of ideologically motivated propaganda is designed to soften the reality of the real, destructive and sinister agenda of the diversity deception. Whenever they are promoting ‘diversity,’ they will use babies, young children or happy smiling groups of people from different races to present the idea that diversity is a good thing that makes everyone happy.

They would never use images of the chaos and conflict that comes with diversity because it wouldn’t serve their goals. You don’t see the aftermath of an Islamic terror attack with a positive diversity slogan, just like you won’t see white victims of diversity crime on posters proclaiming the joys of diversity. You will never see a poster of a rape victim in Sweden for example with the slogan ‘diversity is our strength.’

What they are doing with images like this is engineering consent with a malicious and deceitful message. If you want the public to embrace something you have to portray it in positive terms and this is a strategy that has been employed over the decades to psycologically coerce and manipulate the public.

‘The tremendous expansion of communications in the United States has given this Nation the world’s most penetrating and effective apparatus for the transmission of ideas. Every resident is constantly exposed to the impact of our vast network of communications which reach every corner of the country, no matter how remote or isolated. Words hammer continually at the eyes and ears of America. The United States has become a small room in which a single whisper is magnified thousands of times. Knowledge of how to use this enormous amplifying system becomes a matter of primary concern to those who are interested in socially constructive action.’

– Edward Bernays, The Engineering of Consent

You can apply this to the pushing of positive diversity messages by the establishment in all Western nations today.

Another thing for you to consider with this image and the countless others that saturate our media and advertising, is that they are exclusively pushed onto Europeans and present a message solely for European consumption. This portrayal of diversity is not being pushed onto Africans in Africa or Asians in Asia, it isn’t being pushed onto Jews in Israel, it isn’t being pushed onto Muslims in Islamic nations, this is being specifically directed at Europeans everywhere. It isn’t just on the continent of Europe that this is happening, it isn’t happening in just one nation, which should tell you everything you need to know. This is happening in Europe, America, Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand and is intended to brainwash Europeans into accepting their non-white future.

If this were happening anywhere else in the world it would be called incitement to demographic genocide and those pushing it would be condemned and likely prevented from producing it, in the West however those that are pushing the diversity decpetion occupy the halls of power.

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