Dove and the Non-Existent ‘Racist’ Advert

So ‘Dove’ the soap company, has apologised over a video which has been labelled as racist for showing a black lady removing her top to reveal a white woman. Somehow I don’t think there would be such a furore if the roles were reversed and a white lady was shown to remove her top revealing a black woman. They failed to mention when calling this ‘racism’ that once the black woman became a white woman, the white woman changed into an Asian lady. There has been no white outrage at this, but the pimps of victimhood and entitlement have

There are numerous examples of blatant and explicitly anti-white advertising, and yet not ONE media outlet has ever brought attention to it and not ONE so-called ‘anti-racist’ group has ever condemned it.

What the establishment wants is to condition the European people into accepting their non-white future by saturating advertising, media, music and film with multiracial propaganda. By constantly showing mixed race couples, mixed race children and a ‘diverse’ representation of Western society, they are conditioning the public to accept that the future is non-white. However, if any advert, song or film portrays the idea of whites reproducing whites then there is outrage as happened recently in Germany with an AfD poster that depicted a pregnant white lady and a slogan about reproducing Germans. Had the poster showed a black lady there would have been no outrage whatsoever because THAT is the agenda they are pushing.

The sad thing about this is that Dove felt the need to apologise and to remove the video. They capitulated to political correctness by kowtowing to the feigned moral outrage of the eternally offended and the ideologically driven.

Here are some examples of anti-white videos and advertising not condemned by the ‘anti-racists’ or the media:

If your scour YouTube you will find even more examples of a specifically anti-white agenda in advertising.

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