England, Whose England?

An interesting 2 part documentary about the first waves of mass non-white immigration into Britain, and how the British people were far from happy about it.

If they could see what has become of Britain since the days when they were being subjected to orchestrated mass immigration they would be horrified, and would no doubt recognise how understated the warnings by somebody like Enoch Powell had been.

Centuries old white working class communities were betrayed and were to become outposts for the third world as they were inundated with new arrivals from the Commonwealth and beyond. With no say in the matter they were forced to endure the state sponsored transmogrification of their communities to accommodate immigrants that they had absolutely nothing in common with.

The native British population then, as now, moved out away from what was being forced onto them to be around people like themselves. As the numbers of immigrants grew and they began to dominate entire areas, whites moved out en-masse in a rejection of what the government had imposed upon them.

So much for ‘diversity’ being natural, nothing natural or desired has to be forced does it? And it certainly doesn’t need laws to protect it.

The white British people in these videos could see what was in store for the Britain of the future. Even today it is not uncommon for our older generation to proclaim that they are glad to be leaving this world rather than entering it. How they and we have been betrayed. Men and women of the war generation now state that the Britain of today is not what they fought for and former soldiers declare that they would not have taken another step on D-Day if they could have foreseen what would become of Britain.

In part 2 of the documentary it shows how the left of today and the left of back then are no different in their desire to use mass immigration as a tool in which to undermine the nation and its ethnic and cultural identity. The footage shows the communistic banners and the narrator correctly says that the left have no concern for immigrants but only an ideological agenda to cause anarchy and the bringing down of the nation. Essentially the Communsitic left see immigrants as nothing more than agents of revolution.

Be sure to watch both parts

Part 1

Part 2

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