The Fallacy of UK “Democracy”

So, with UKIP being written off yesterday, the Tories are now the only party that represents the growing Nationalist sentiment among the masses. A party who have said that mass-migration from the Third-World will continue at current levels, for the next decade – this despite people voting to leave the EU to stop migration. With this continuous stream of poorly educated people, who are wholly incompatible with Western culture, who are people more prone to acts of extreme violence – comes the trucks being driven into crowds of people, the rapes and the bombings.

This is what the people have voted for by backing the Tory party and the two party dictatorship that is the UK democratic system, and for that, they deserve it.

Labour and the Lib-Dems are no better, the charade that is democracy in this country has kept it’s status-quo; the two-party representative democratic system, it has faced two challenges in the last 15/20 years, firstly by the BNP and then UKIP – both failed.

People have two choices, and both offer the same results; more rapes, more killings by occupying invaders from the Third-World. Europe as we knew it, is dying.

Each new Mosque that is built, each council house handed to them, each new shop they open represents our country being stolen from beneath our feet – our soil, our wealth and our blood.

Britons and Europeans have had all sense of racial feeling stripped away from them, by years of Leftist indoctrination delivered through our education system to the point where mentioning of White racial feeling is deemed racist and hate filled rhetoric. Ethnocentrism is a critical sentiment of any people, it bonds us together creating unity, organic unity.

Without it, what the Tories, Labour and Lib Dem are and will be bringing upon us, will kill us.

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