Fascism Cannot be Compared to the Threat Posed by Islamic Extremism

British Fascism before, during and after WWII, has been designated as an evil ideology by the powers that be which supposedly posed a grave danger to Britain. Even in the aftermath of the Manchester and London bombings the news channels have made repeated references to Fascism as being the last major ideological threat to the United Kingdom prior to Islamic extremism thereby making a false connection between the two.

Fascism in Britain did not carry out terrorist attacks, it did not seek to overthrow the political system violently, it did not want to attack citizens to make the case for Fascism. The media intentionally lies to further demonise rising Nationalistic sentiment amongst Europeans and even uses the murder of innocent civilians by Islamic extremists to further that duplicitous narrative and manipulative agenda.

Fascism as an ideology was indeed opposed to the corruption of the financial democratic system in which international finance controls democracy and the political process. But never did Fascism encourage violence or the militant overthrow of the existing order. In fact, Fascists campaigned democratically to earn votes and only would have taken power if democratically elected by the people to do so. Without a mandate from the people to lead Britain the Fascists would never have used other means to attain that power.

The Fascists in Britain under Sir Oswald Mosley said that they would have taken up arms against Communism to defend Britain if there was any attempt at a Communist revolution as there had been across the European continent. So how could Fascism have been a threat to Britain when they were amongst the most loyal people to Britain who would have fought and given their lives against those who sought to attack Britain? Many of those who made up the British Union of Fascists were veteran’s of the First World War.

The Fascists would have been among the first to stand up to the Islamic threat facing Britain and the West today, whereas the Communsitic left enable the Islamic conquest of our countries. Fascism far from being a danger or an enemy of the country, was a committed defender of the country.

It was the Communists who displayed their violent undemocratic mentality by attacking at every opportunity the meetings and rallies of the Fascists. The violence they unleashed and which the Fascists defended themselves from, was the reason behind the passing of the 1936 public order act. The infamous Battle of Cable street is a prime example of the hostility of an alien ideology working against the best interests of the British people and nation. Those Communists that attacked the police before the planned Blackshirt march didn’t do so for the benefit of Britain, but for their own ideological agenda.

The media and the leftists love to present Fascism as posing a threat to the UK whe n it is the left that is the real danger and who would have supported and would have partaken in the Communist overthrow of Britain and the raising of the hammer and sickle over British government buildings and institutions.

The history of Fascism and Communism in Britain and across Europe is a history of two diametrically opposed ideologies. One ideology wanted to defend the nation state and Europe, and one wanted Europe under the boot of International Communism.

If you want to make a connection between ideologies that pose the greatest threat to Britain and the West, then both Islamic extremism and Communism (and its more modern day alternative which is Cultural Marxism), are a much bigger threat than Fascism ever was.

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