France, Le Pen and the Non-White Vote

It was Jean Marie Le Pen who said that France would “lose at the ballot box without any need for a revolution or a war.” He said this in the context of the sheer numbers of immigrants with the eligibility to vote in elections swinging the results against the best interests of the native French population.

What Jean Marie Le Pen said is undoubtedly true, however it isn’t just the immigrant voting bloc that swing elections away from Nationalist candidates. There is a huge white voting bloc that apathetically and suicidally votes against the best interests of not only themselves, but against the the best interests of the rest of the French people and the same is true in any other nation that finds itself in a similar situation.

It is absolutely insane to allow into your nation by the millions people who will vote against you, your country and your own interests.

Immigrants and the descendents of immigrants are highly unlikely to vote for a Nationalist political party that seeks to end mass immigration and forced multiculturalism putting the best interests of the nations native people first. They will always vote in their own interests as immigrants by voting for people and party’s that will uphold the insanity of mass immigration and multiculturalism.

People seriously underestimate or give no consideration to the impact the non-white vote has on the outcome of elections in Western nations.

The more of them there are, the more they influence the outcomes of elections. It is down to numbers and when you have a large percentage of your own people brainwashed into voting alongside these alien invaders then Nationalists are always going to find it hard to make a breakthrough.

Marine Le Pen and the Front National however have shown that the ballot box, whilst becoming increasingly ineffectual as the years pass by, can still harness massive support for the Nationalist message.

There isn’t much time left, but Nationalism is gaining ground all the time. The French may have lost out this time, but all is not lost. The Overton window is swinging wide open in our favour as the reality of what mass immigration has done to Europe is becoming increasingly self-evident. There are many hurdles to overcome, but 11 million people voting for Nationalist policies is in itself a victory of sorts.

Emmanuel Macron the globalist Rothschild banker has not been given a conclusive mandate to govern France, he has received the votes of those who simply didn’t want Le Pen to win including the sizable non-white vote. That is not a victory worth savouring, it is election through the back door and as far as I’m concerned exposes democracy for the farce that it is. The party’s who lost out in the first round of elections in France encouraged their supporters to vote against Le Pen, not on policy, but simply because they didn’t want the Nationalists to win. That isn’t a fair election.

Unfortunately, France will have to endure more heartache, more terrorism, more mass immigration, more failed multiculturalism and sadly more deaths of its citizens. Macron himself said that terrorism is something that the French people are just going to have to get used to and I think it is almost a certainty that more attacks will occur. However that is because of the lack of a political will to act against it and Macron and his cronies will do next to nothing worthwhile in combating it.

The Front National simply needs to be in a position to be able to reiterate their commitment to tackling mass immigration and Islamic terrorism and point out the reasons why voting for people like Macron just means more of the same and that real change comes only through having the common sense to vote Nationalism.

If there is one thing French Nationalists and Nationalists everywhere can take heart from, is the fact that despite being an enemy of the French people, Macron has shown that a new political party can come from nowhere and achieve political success in a short space of time.

Things in Europe are only going to get worse, and more and more people are going to turn to Nationalism in the coming years. Things can change very quickly in politics and the electorate is unpredictable. Nationalism has to be ready and prepared to be a viable alternative.

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