France: A Le Pen Victory is a Must

With the upcoming presidential election in France on Sunday 7th May – for France and for Europe’s nation states it will be a turning point. With one of two scenarios the outcome 1) The EU dies, should the French vote out in the referendum that Le Pen has promised them 2) The EU survives should Marcon be voted in, and should the French vote to stay in should the referendum decision be in favour of staying.

The wider ramifications of the election are huge for Europe’s nation states, the political earthquake that shook democracy to it’s core when we the British people voted to leave the European project drifted across to the Atlantic to the USA, and influenced and their desire to see change, of which Donald Trump was their choice to effect that change. The majority voting for Brexit and for Trump seemingly wanting an end the madness that is ideological mass-migration from the Third World, to the First.

The desired outcome for me (and I hope you) is the death of the European Union, it’s an insidious system of political control. A undemocratic system that seeks to absorb all legislative and political power from the nation states that join it, the Schengen Agreement in theory is a nice idea; the free movement of European peoples between our ancient European nation states. Only the reality of the dream that is Schengen is entirely different, the swarms of economic migrants entering Europe through the southern gateways along the Mediterranean allow hordes of economic migrants who are totally incompatible with western culture, with our way of life. It gives the right of passage to move freely within Europe, spreading to her countries, spreading the message of racial and cultural change; destroying Europe’s identity.

The political parasites in the European Union wish us to mix racially; miscegenation – the outcome being that they’re creating a new race of brown gullible people with an average IQ of around 90; just smart enough to work the machines and dumb enough to sit at home supping on cheap booze and masturbating to degenerate porn, in their spare time. This plan pushed for by Jewry, and enforced by treacherous politicians at home and inside of the EU, is working perfectly.

The election in France will kill the European Union project off, it will cease to exist – it cannot survive with two if it’s top three countries; Germany, UK and France, leaving.

For all of our sakes a Marine Le Pen victory is needed in France on Sunday, without it no political solution will ever be enough to solve the oncoming madness – the more migrants that arrive through the Mediterranean, the more racial and cultural division that will be brought here, and that will eventually set a fire to Europe not seen since the second world war.

Le Pen can finish what Brexit started.

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