French Jews are joining ISIS: French official

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:00 A.M.) – According to a French government official, of the approximately one thousand (1,000) French men and women who are known to have joined the ISIS terrorist group, a handful of them come from France’s Jewish community.

Referring to statistics gathered by the French Interior Ministry, the government official pointed out that a number of the French Jews who have joined ISIS had, on record, converted to Islam at some point. No comment was made on other Jews who are known to have joined the jihadist organisation and whose census records do not show them to be Muslim (although it would likely have to be the case that they declared themselves to be Muslims to their recruiters, considering the theocratic absoluteness of ISIS).

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I would be more inclined to believe that these Jews see ISIS as advancing the interests of Israel. I would also be more likely to believe that they see their involvement with ISIS as being an opportunity to tackle Hezbollah who are currently engaged in fighting ISIS with the Assad government.

Jews see Hezbollah as a direct threat to Israel and the Israeli airforce has carried out numerous attacks on what they call Hezbollah targets in Syria which are acts of illegal military aggression over a sovereign country. Why would they target a group that is fighting ISIS and effectively become a de-facto military aid and airforce for ISIS? And why would an Israeli intelligence chief say that they don’t want ISIS defeated in Syria? Because ISIS serves the interests of Israel in that the group has dragged Syria into a catastrophic civil war in which Syria has been decimated and is less of a threat to Israel.

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