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Generation Identity Censored

In the latest Orwellian purge of non-conformist groups Facebook has decided to ban permanently all pages assosiated with Generation Identity. As far as I am aware Generation Identity has never called for violence or encouraged it in any way whatsoever something which so-called ‘anti-fascist’ groups routinely do on their Facebook pages and yet are not banned.

Generation Identity are group that encourage the youth of Europe to embrace their European identity and heritage and encourage and pursue the preservation of that identity in the face of the onslaught of mass non-European immigration.

Why would Facebook ban and censor a group such as Generation Identity? The answer is very simple. Their message resonates with people and increasingly so the young people of Europe who have finally understood that what is happening is not in their long term interests.

Facebook is a platform used by many hundreds of millions of people and any message that is truthful and appealing and which goes against the globalist/leftist agenda is seen as a threat to the new social order and is subsequently designated as a hate group so that it can be silenced.

If the message that Generation Identity pushes is so abhorrent, so repugnant and so despicable, then why silence it? Surely Facebook and their allies would allow this message to be given widespread attention so that it can be utterly rejected by the people who hear it, but no. The message is deemed so dangerous to the status quo that it cannot be allowed a platform. It is a message that cannot be reasonably or factually argued against and so it must be thrown down the memory hole.

We too have had many pages taken down in the past and we are under no illusion that our current page will no doubt be taken down as well at some point. The truth you see is a dangerous thing to those who control the narrative and who control the minds of the public.

What the establishment does is to use every means at its disposal to silence what they see as being a threat to their hegemony. They will use social media censorship, media vilification, intimidation, harassment, violence and if need be they will use the law. They will also go after your employer to bring as much pressure on you as possible financially. They really are a devious and malicious lot with no scruples whatsoever.

Tom Dupré, the co-leader of the UK movement, who was fired from his job after his role in the anti-Islam group was revealed, said to i:

“We are disappointed Facebook, a private company with a monopoly on a public service, has decided to ignore its responsibilities to protect free and open debate and silence us, when all we have called for is a calm and measured debate on the changes that are going on in our society.”

The censorship of Generation Identity is an attempt to stop them from organising and to prevent them from reaching a larger audience winning more people over to their cause. It has nothing to do with ‘hate speech,’ it has everything to do with trying to frustrate a growing movement that opposes the establishment. Essentially the the censorship is a form of cyber warfare being waged under the false banner of ‘anti-racism.’

This is just another proof if any were needed, that this entire agenda is anti-European at its core. Only European advocacy groups are censored in such a way. It seems that Europeans have to acquiesce to the imposition of mass immigration, the destruction of our identity, culture and the engineering of our minority status in the lands of our ancestors. The powers that be have purposefully created the current demographic situation across the Western world and will not allow Europeans to oppose it. Why? Because the European people are the target. It is our identity they seek to destroy. It is our history, culture, heritage and collective group identity that is being targeted for eradication. This is so obvious that it is unforgivable for it to be denied and ignored.

No other identifiable group is having this imposed upon them.


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