What is the goal of Mass Immigration and Forced Multiculturalism?

All across the Western world nations are undergoing drastic demographic transformation on an unprecedented scale. Globalist governments are engaged in the gradual erosion of European identity and culture and many people are oblivious as to the reasons why it is happening.

The very first thing people should understand is that what is happening in Western nations is not a natural occurrence, this is wholly an ideological and political attack upon the very existence of Europeans in the interests of a globalist and predominantly Jewish elite, that see the West and its European population as a barrier to their hegemonic control over the nations that they reside in. They see racially conscious Europeans as a threat to their continued presence amongst us and to their safety and freedom to subvert our institutions, control our media and dominate our banking establishments.

Ever since the end of WWII, the European people have been coerced into harbouring a false sense of guilt and shame surrounding the acknowledgement of the reality of race, and group interests that are specific to race and culture.

The official narrative surrounding the atrocities of WWII supposedly based on race, is drummed into our people on a constant basis via the occupied media, film industry and academia. We have been led to believe that race is somehow a mirage that isn’t real and that any manifestation of racial consciousness is dangerous and will lead to the ‘gas chambers.’ The very idea that the European people have interests as a race is deemed to be the worst of thought crimes and moral indictments rain down from every angle. This doesn’t apply to all races, it applies only to the European people.

National Socialist Germany is presented as being the epitome of moral repugnancy due to the emphasis placed on racial preservation and cultural revival which embodied the National Socialist movement. This focus on racial and cultural revival is aligned with the ‘horrors of the holocaust’ as presented by Hollywood, and the European people are bombarded with never ending images of human suffering and death which leads them to associate any feelings of racial identity with evil and genocide. This is known as associative conditioning and has had a devastating impact upon the psychological state of the European people.

How many films, documentaries and books do you see about the so-called ‘holocaust’ in relation to films, documentaries and books on the horrors of the Bolshevik revolution? The Red Terror? The Holodomor? Then you have to ask why it is that our film industry, academia and media saturate the public consciousness with holocaust propaganda on almost obsessive scale when all other historical genocides are completely ignored.

Why do they want to engender so much guilt and self-hatred within the soul of the European people? What purpose does it serve to psychologically manipulate and emotionally guilt trip an entire race of people?

The people of Germany have been immersed in this swamp of induced self-loathing more than most, and indeed there was a determined effort on the part of the victors of WWII to destroy Germany not only racially and culturally, but psychologically. 

The fundamental goal of mass immigration and forced multiculturalism imposed upon us by the hostile globalist establishment is to forever dilute and ultimately replace the European people turning us into a minority in our homelands as well as also being the true racial minority globally. The official narrative of WWII is designed to make this process more easily achievable.

This is to weaken our ability to ever be able to rise up against those who control us from the occupied halls of power. It is to prevent us from rising up against those who have subverted our institutions and who have created the international financial quagmire that economically enslaves individuals and entire nations. Essentially mass immigration and forced multiculturalism is biological warfare being waged against us by an alien elite that wield disproportionate power and influence through political lobbying, media control and control of the entertainment and film industries all of which have a huge influence over the public consciousness on whatever issue they decide to push.

The rebirth of Germany under National Socialism was the warning that made this alien elite sit up and take notice of the Europeans ability to act in his own interests once he had been awoken to them. This they could not allow to happen again and so from their positions of power and influence they have set about the promotion of population replacement under the guise of multiculturalism. They have campaigned for and supported mass immigration and have dressed it up with false deceptive terms such as diversity and enrichment. They have been at the core of so-called ‘anti-racist’ movements which attack any group political or otherwise that advocate white European interests and always invoke tales of WWII era atrocities to try and make anybody standing up for white European interests as being literally Hitler.

Through their position in academia they have brainwashed our people into believing that supporting our own displacement is tolerance, and to be against it is intolerance and racism.

Our political establishment has been used as a battering ram against us. Politicians have betrayed the people they were entrusted to serve by surrendering our identity, security and long-term continuity to the madness of multiculturalism. They have lined their own pockets and have profited from their treachery. They serve their financial masters and not the people of European nations.

Another very important aspect of the reasoning behind enforced multiculturalism is that the immigrant communities will represent a standing army to be used against any awakening of European racial consciousness. In any theater of conventional warfare the enemy is in another territory or another location, but there is nothing conventional about the situation Europeans face. The enemy is already within our borders living amongst us ready to be used against us whenever our people collectively realise what is happening. This future enemy has not invaded our nations in the traditional sense, they have been imported and welcomed by your globalist government and by the Cultural Marxist fifth columnists.

If and when Europeans come to the realisation that unless we act collectively to change the course we are on, then these imported footsoldiers of diversity and multiculturalism will not simply hand back the land they have occupied. They will fight against our long-term interests to ensure their own survival and their own impending demographic dominance.

This mentality can already be seen in the voting habits of immigrant communities who always vote in their own interests as out-groups and oppose forcefully any political party that dares stand for the interests of the native population. Take the BNP in the UK as a prime example. At one time the BNP represented a real political movement that had the potential to do something about the damage mass immigration has caused to the native population of Britain. No non-white in Britain would have voted for the BNP, because the BNP stood up for the interests of whites and the immigrant and immigrant descended population see their own interests as being diametrically opposed to those of whites.

The immigrant communities have been, and still are, recruited by violent anti-racist organisations who seek to use them as a militant force against any mobilisation of white European advocacy groups. I myself have seen a plethora of anti-racist propaganda in a community taken over by mass immigration and the descendents of immigrants aimed at recruitment into these far-left groups who see them as agents of their revolution. They see them as the violent revolutionaries needed to bring society down in the Communsitic interest.

The same is true in France, Germany, the Netherlands and anywhere else where whites have had multiculturalism forced upon them. The non-white vote will always be in line with what non-whites see as being beneficial to them, and what goes against the ‘racist’ interests of the host population they seek to replace.

It is seen as acceptable and is actively encouraged when non-whites engage in race based activism, but when whites do it, then not only are they routinely criticised, labelled and attacked, but the non-white community are recruited into the fight against the white community. They are determined to pursue and achieve our total displacement and are empowered by an establishment that wants the same.

Whilst we remain divided as a race consumed with meaningless individualist pursuits ignoring what is going on around us, then this will continue until the time arrives when even an awakening en-masse will possibly be too late.

Only a collective understanding of our mutal fate – should we not act in our own group interests – will give us the opportunity to survive what is planned for us.

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