Grenfell Tower and the Hard Lefts Pursuit of Class War Using a Racial Narrative

Let us start off first by stating that what happened in London in the Grenfell tower was a tragedy and despite our obvious opposition to mass immigration and forced multiculturalism, nobody takes pleasure out of the suffering of innocent people let alone innocent children.

What is evident in the aftermath of this tragedy, is the Lefts insistence on pursuing a class war agenda on the back of the victims and using race as a means in which to spark the immigrant and immigrant descended community into a revolutionary fervour. This is the SOP of the left but rarely does anybody point it out. They use race as a weapon when it is to their own advantage.

When it comes to race, the left never tire of telling us that it is used to divide the working class and that it is ‘nazis’ ‘fascists’ and ‘nationalists’ that seek to do this. As we have said many times before, multiculturalism and mass immigration have been imposed upon Western nations to divide and conquer the white working class and the left mobilise and use the non-white community to achieve that goal.

In the context of the Grenfell tower incident, the left are being exposed for the duplicitous ideologically motivated frauds that they are. They are using race and class together as a weapon against their hated enemy the tories, blaming them for institutional racism against the ‘ethnic minority poor.’

They are attempting to mobilise the non-white community for their own ideological agenda and are using the narrative of ‘racism’ and ‘class’ to ignite anger within the immigrant community.

The left know that their historical designs on fomenting revolution have utterly failed. They know that the native working class people of Europe would never support the violent overthrow of the nation via the ideology and narrative of Communism, and so through the transformation of Communism into Cultural Marxism they have set about using the imported hordes of third-world immigrants to advance that agenda. This is why you see the likes of the SWP and Jeremy Corbyn taking up the cause of the Grenfell residents, not because they really care, but because they see an opportunity.

As Herbert Marcuse said: “we see in the third-world a revolutionary potential.”

Basically what he meant by this is that the left viewed the imported immigrant population as being easily manipulated into taking up the ‘revolutionary cause’ by instilling in them a false sense of victimhood. The left sought to weaponise the immigrant community against society at large.

It is no coincidence that you will find antifa stickers and posters in areas with a large immigrant population, and in white working class areas they are few and far between.

As it turns out, the Grenfell tower incident could have happened anywhere across the UK. Over 600 tower blocks are now said to be at risk from having combustible cladding installed, and no doubt many of them will be in areas controlled by a Labour council.

It is despicable that Labour and the left in general have jumped upon this tragedy using race as a motivating factor to advance their own political agenda. If this had happened in a white working class area, which it certainly could have, then the same people would not be mentioning the racial identity of the people but because Grenfell tower had many immigrants and descendents of immigrants living in it, the parasitical left were all over it wailing about class and racism.

Never let these people tell you that Nationalists use race to divide the working class. Nationalists point out what is being done to the white working class who just so happen to be the target of mass immigration and forced multiculturalism. It is the left that use race as a recruitment tool for their own ends by using a racial narrative designed to recruit non-whites.

They are very quick to talk about ‘racial unity,’ but conveniently forget about ‘racial unity’ when there is an opportunity to demonise whites and ‘white racism.’

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