Help us to spread the message

As most of you know this page has been going for about 6 years now and during that time a lot of time and effort has been spent repeatedly building up pages after being censored, researching and doing posts. The time spent running this page over the years has amounted to almost full time employment with many hours per day having been spent investing our time in it.

We have had repeated requests from followers of our page for merchandise and have had numerous offers of financial support which we have refused despite being grateful and overwhelmed by the offers.

The reason we have never seriously considered having any merchandise made for sale is because we never wanted to be associated with making a profit out of what we consider a very important situation in the West. There are those out there who have taken it upon themselves to produce SCM merchandise without our permission which is unfortunate but there will always be people seeking to capitalise on the popularity of others.

Other groups and organisations in the past have been criticised for pushing their merchandise and it is something we never wanted to do. Accusations of profiteering etc and financial malpractice have been widespread amongst those organisations that have produced and sold their own merchandise and that is something we have purposefully stayed away from. We have always wanted to be focused on the message and not be distracted by selling things with our name and logo on. That’s not what we have ever been about or ever wanted to be about.

What we are asking for is for those of you who can, to make a donation however big or small to enable us to continue running this page and website in the manner which we have done in the past. It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage both the pressure of domestic life and the financial costs associated with that aswel as dedicating time to the page and website aswel as the costs also involved in that.

The pressure of work and a hectic domestic life means that we can’t always devote enough time to the page and to researching and posting as we would like to. Any donations would make it that little bit easier by easing some of the demands of life in general. As I am sure many of you are aware, it isn’t always easy to manage work and domestic life when doing long hours let alone write and research for a website and Facebook page at the same time.

Your donations would enable us to spend more time concentrating on the site and page.

We would like to be able to produce flyers and stickers etc so donations would also help us buy the equipment needed to do this. We are looking to produce leaflets and fliers on many issues to try and bring the attention of the public upon them.

Just to make it clear, I am not entirely comfortable doing this, but I have noticed more and more people asking for donations from their followers and to be perfectly honest there is a financial aspect to what we do even if it is in terms of the hours of our personal time that we have invested in it which could have been spent working.

For those of you able to make a donation and help us continue running the page and website without the worry of financial costs of everyday life and the costs of the website etc then we would just like to say a massive thank you in advance. For those of you not in a position to be able to donate then we still need your support in terms of sharing our posts and spreading the message which is just as important because ultimately our message is only spread via our followers sharing our content.

Click on the ‘Donate’ banner on our homepage to make your donation. Thanks again we very much appreciate your continued and valued support.