Ian Millard – ‘The Zionist Assault on freedom of Expression in England’

Ian Millard is a former barrister who was kicked out of his profession for politically incorrect ‘anti-semitic’ views which he aired on Twitter. The charge was brought against him by a fellow lawyer by the name of Jonathan Goldberg QC.

Here he talks about the increasing suppression of freedom of speech and expression which is being campaigned for he says by Zionists whose goal is to intimidate people into silence for fear of losing their jobs and professions. This attack upon our freedom of expression is brought about by the incessant campaigning for new and evermore repressive laws intended to silence people or prosecute those who dare speak out. Only those with something to hide would attempt to criminalise freedom of speech. Only those who stood to lose something or had much to fear from the truth would be so aggressively against free and open discussion on all subjects regardless of what the official narrative is.


As Dr David Duke said in his excellent book ‘My Awakening’

‘A society that does not allow free discussion, inquiry and debate is not free. A government or media establishment that suppresses certain ideas fears those ideas, not because they are weak, but because they are powerful; not because these ideas are refutable, but because they are convincing. If it really believes the ideas to be weak, it has no urgency to suppress them.’