Jewish Antipathy Towards Christianity

We have always said that if people want to fully understand the ethnic and religious motivation behind the advent and spreading of Cultural Marxism throughout the West, then they have to acknowledge that Christianity is one of the main targets of it and they have to understand why it is a target.

You don’t have to be a Christian to understand this, but you do have to understand why Christianity is targeted. The Jewish ethnic and religious motivation to undermine and deconstruct Western Civilisation is due to historical resentment, hatred and fear of the European people and Christianity.

They see Western Civilisation and Christianity in particular, as being one long history of Jewish suffering. Of course they never ask the question why it is that Jews have been pushed out of one nation after another and have brought down upon themselves the wrath of those whom they live amongst. They put it down to a pathological, genetic and illogical hatred of Jews for no reason whatsoever other than they are Jews. They even try and pass this off as scientific fact.

If every time you went somewhere you got beaten up because of your actions and behaviour, wouldn’t you eventually stop and say to yourself that maybe your behaviour is what is leading to you being attacked and disliked rather than blaming those who were attacking you and trying to make them out to be the problem? Surely at some point they have to look in the mirror and ask themselves why it is that wherever they live in the world, the same accusations and the same animosity arises. If your behaviour was the problem, then denying it and blaming others is not only exacerbating the problem, but it is a sure sign of a real pathology.

Cultural Marxism which has its roots in the Jewish led intellectual movements of the Frankfurt School, focused on what they perceived to be the repressive Christian foundations of Western civilisation, the family being one of the most important. They viewed this as being one of the major foundations of the Christian West to be weakened and destroyed.

The nuclear family in the West for the most part was raised and centred around Christian values, education, traditions and morality. If the family could be broken up and Christianity undermined, then the benefits of this to Jews as a group were massive in their war against the West. It is also why they pushed for secular nations and a separation of church and state. It is why they have been behind the promotion of homosexuality, feminism, pornography, degenerate pop culture and all of the other subversive movements to attack the Western family.

Their reasoning in promoting all of this toxic subversion is to end what they call ‘anti-semitism,’ but is in reality a method to remove the threat of their biggest opposition so that they can operate freely without the threat of a European awakening. They want domination and control to benefit themselves and will do whatever it takes to achieve it. If people were too busy seeking hedonistic pastimes then they would be much less likely to be adherents of the Christian morality upheld by their parents and grandparents. They would also be far too preoccupied with themselves and their pursuit of instant gratification to identify who was subverting the culture with this poison.

Christianity itself has been infiltrated and has been turned against itself, it has now become part of the problem. The concept of universalist egalitarianism is a common feature of Christianity and it is this self-defeating aspect of Christianity that our enemies have seized upon and promoted.

In essence Christianity is an internationalist one worldist religion which does not recognise the right of Europeans to live as Europeans in their own part of the world. This isn’t an attack on Christianity, it is merely stating the obvious which many Nationalist Christians also acknowledge.

In centuries past the Christian religion had been a bulwark against Islam and Judaism and was a protector of Europe and Western Civilisation, now it is anything but a protector. Christian leaders today including the Pope, are advocates of multiculturalism, they support the mass importation of Islam to the Western world at the same time as Christianity is drastically in decline.

A classic example of this change in the attitude of Christianity, is that during the 17th century, the Christian armies of Europe halted the advance of an invading Islamic army at Vienna. An invading army that intended to totally take over Europe. Now Christianity is aiding and abetting the Islamic invasion. Christian leaders have become weak enablers of the destruction of Europe whereas once they were its greatest and most steadfast defenders.

‘Anti-Semitism’ and the Christian Family

The Jewish intellectuals of the Frankfurt School were focused on explaining ‘anti-semitism’ as being a result of the Western family based on ‘anti-semitic’ Christian teachings. They also saw it as being a genetic European trait, they said that Fascism and Nationalism were born out of the Christian authoritarian patriarchal family. They said that children were moulded to accept authority through this model of the family hence the rise of Fascism and National Socialism which was ‘irrationally’ opposed to Jews.

Again, they never put any blame on themselves for any manifestation of hostility towards them, it was always the fault of somebody else. They also never mentioned the patriarchal and ethnocentric nature of the Jewish family, that was off limits and ironically would have been labeled as ‘anti-semitism’ if it were to be said by a non-Jew. They ascribed their negative analysis of the nuclear family only to families that were raised in the Christian tradition and who were European in racial origin.

These ideas were espoused in a book called the ‘Authoritarian Personality’ written by Theodore Adorno a Jewish member of the Frankfurt School committed to ending ‘anti-semitism.’ This book specifically targeted the Western family describing it as a ‘micro fascist institution’ that led to the emergence of Fascism as a National movement which was, they said, ‘anti-semitic.’ They also attempted to describe the Western family as being a psychopathology. The book was a pseudo-scientific attempt to ‘prove’ that Christianity and the traditional nuclear Western family instilled anti-semitism into each new generation.

Everything we identify today as being anti-family has its roots in this book. It should come as no surprise to learn that the book was sponsored by the ‘American Jewish Committee,’ this book is a manifesto of ethnic and cultural warfare against the European people written and sponsored by a hostile and alien out-group intent on advancing their own specific group interests.

The Frankfurt School post WWII was opposed to Western civilisation primarily because of this desire to end ‘anti-semitism.’ Initially its primary goal was to deconstruct Western civilisation because the people of the West, or more specifically the working class people of the West, had failed to embrace Communist revolution. This is still a motivating factor, but it was expanded to include the ending of hostility to Jews as a hostile out-group.

Indeed, before the Institution of Social Research had come into being, its main financial backer Hermann Weil, had been promised by his son Félix Weil, that the institution would combat anti-semitism. From its very inception, combating anti-semitism was a motivating factor of the Frankfurt School, but after the Second World War it became more of a focus for its members.

The rise of National Socialism in the 1930s which was an ideology advocating racial consciousness, pride and loyalty along with what is called ‘Positive Christianity,’ was the biggest threat in modern times to Jewish domination of a European nation. This is what led to the alliance of so-called polar opposites as far as ideology is concerned coming together. The paradoxical worlds of Communism and Capitalism came together to defeat National Socialism and everything was done to destroy Germany and its people for daring to stand up to this corrosive element that lived amongst them and who used their influence within other nations to wage war against the German nation and people.

As a consequence of the racial and cultural awakening of the German people, racial consciousness and the potential for it amongst the European people had to be destroyed via mass immigration and forced multiculturalism which were to erode and weaken the racial identity of the European people wherever they lived on Earth.

The never ending drumbeat of ‘racism’ became ever present in academia, the media, politics and leftist discourse to attack anybody who opposed this demographic attack upon the European people wherever they lived on the planet. Race denilaism, equality, multiculturalism and diversity became methods in which to achieve the eradication of European racial awareness and consciousness.

The UNESCO declaration on race shortly after WWII in 1950 stated that race was a social construct with no basis in science. This was aimed at removing the reality of race from the minds of Europeans and added to the atrocity propaganda after the war was a powerful psychological weapon used against the European people.

Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy

Western institutions have been infiltrated by agenda driven Jewish intellectuals who have employed ethnic networking to get more Jews into influential positions who could then go on to push these pseudo-intellectual ideas not based on science or empirical study, but which were based on achieving a consensus amongst the Western elite and therefore Western civilisation as a whole based on the emotional manipulation of the masses. The goal being to lead the European people down a path of self-destructive apathy. Psychoanalysis, Anthropology and the Social Sciences being just some areas in which they dominated.

Any academic or scientific findings that opposed the Jewish narrative in academia were shunned and labeled as being ‘racist’ or ‘anti-semitic.’ Basically it is a mass censoring of all opposition views another form of Marcusian Repressive Tolerance which is no platform for alternative non-conformative views.

Earl Raab, executive director emeritus of the Perlmutter Institute of Jewish Advocacy, an associate of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith) and writer for the San Francisco Jewish Bulletin, wrote:

“The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.”

“We have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever.”

This ethnic and religious motivation to attack and subvert Christianity goes back to the Bolshevik Revolution and the take over of Russia. Jews perceived Russia and Orthodox Christianity as being ‘anti-semitic’ so set about using Communist revolution to bring down the tsar. Millions of Russian Christians perished as a result under Bolshevik brutality. The fact that it was an almost exclusively Jewish led takeover of Russia can be seen in the co-operation between Jewish communists and Jewish capitalist bankers who funded the Bolshevik revolution. Cultural Marxism is merely an outgrowth of this, but uses subversion rather than the gulag and bullet to achieve its aims.

Ivan Aksakov, a leader of Slavophiles in Russia, viewed Jews as a competitive threat intent on destroying Christianity:

‘The Western European Christian world will be faced in the future, in one form or another, with a life-and-death struggle with Jewry, which is striving to replace the universal Christian ideal by another, Semitic ideal, also universal, but negative and anti-Christian.’

The following quote shows how at its core the Jewish assault on the West is born out of a deep rooted hatred and fear of Christianity aswel as the European people.

“The Jews emerged from the Middle Ages knowing for a certainty that—individual exceptions duly noted—the worst enemy they had in the world was Christianity: the churches in which it was embodied—whether Roman Catholic or Russian Orthodox or Protestant—and the people who prayed in and were shaped by them. It was a knowledge that Jewish experience in the ages to come would do very little, if indeed anything at all, to help future generations to forget.”

– Why Are Jews Liberals? By Norman Podhoretz.

It is this view held by Jews that leads to them supporting all things that negatively impact upon the West whether it be mass non-European immigration, Gay rights, feminism etc. It is as Dr Kevin MacDonald describes it a Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy’ which is born out of the Jewish intellectual movements of the 20th century Frankfurt School.

The goal is simple, transform Europe and the West into a Jewish construct leading to Jewish ethnic dominance free of European racial awareness, national identity and religious affiliation. It has taken many decades to achieve, but if you look at the West today and are wise to the strategies that have made it what it is, then you will see how successful they have been.

You can also see how hypocrisy is rife in this anti-Western, anti-White and anti-Christian worldview, as Jews are the most ethnocentric people you could come across. Israel is an exclusively Jewish state that forbids intermarriage between Jew and non-Jew and any form of non-Jewish immigration. They oppose gay marriage and have a strong sense of the importance of the Jewish family. All this whilst they support the exact opposite for Europeans in Western nations, and have been at the forefront of promoting for Westerners what they reject for themselves as Jews.

Much of what has happened to the West would not have been possible if it were not for the propagandising of a pivotal ‘event’ that could be and has been used as a stick to beat Europeans with upon any display of racial, national and cultural pride and awareness.

The Jewish story of persecution throughout the ages at the hands of Europeans and Christians culminating in the so called ‘holocaust,’ has become the ‘moral justification’ for the destruction of Europeans and their ancestral homelands. Any form of nationalistic sentiment is immediately attacked and denounced as ‘nazism.’ The idea being that nationalism can be stopped by constantly referring to the ‘holocaust’ which keeps people from embracing nationalist ideas due to the official ‘holocaust’ narrative and the specter of evil that has been attached to it and repeatedly enforced via Hollywood propaganda and education. The strategy is to induce a sense of guilt in the European for having that natural preference and affiliation towards his own people. They want the European to believe that any manifestation of racial consciousness and an acknowledgement of specific group interests for Europeans will lead to the ‘gas chambers.’ This they hope will prevent the European from embracing the natural goal of self-preservation.

Cultural Marxism as poison

Cultural Marxism is the equivalent of poisoning a healthy water supply, it eventually comes to infect everyone with the poison. It is the sabotage of European identity and culture and is a tumour yet to be identified as an abnormal growth within Western civilisation that is making society sick.

The most important thing to know about Cultural Marxism is that it is not a natural phenomena or a natural transition of the thought process of Westerners. It is a deeply hateful, subversive and manipulative ideology employed by a small group of Jewish pseudo-intellectuals and planted into the cultural institutions of the West. From here it has grown like a virus and has come to be pushed by the very people it was intended to destroy. It has been dressed up in words that do not reveal its true intentions. Words like tolerance, enrichment, love, equality and diversity.

The only way to defeat it is to understand that it is designed and disseminated by a hostile out-group to divide and conquer an in-group specifically for the benefit of the out-group. Cultural Marxism is classic divide and conquer, it sets different groups against each other weakening the host nation and culture in the process. Just like what is happening in the Middle East now and what happened in the former Yugoslavia in the 90s, different groups have been set against each other with the intention of bringing down the nation and society. Fractured nations engaged in sectarian conflict are less of a threat and are less likely to fix their gaze in the direction of those pulling the strings. The West is well on the way to Balkanisation and as always the question has to be Cui Bono? Who benefits?

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