Why would Jewish Groups Oppose Anti-Sharia Marches Across America?

Jewish groups oppose US ‘anti-sharia’ marches

ACT for America, self-described as the ‘the NRA of national security,’ has organized events in 28 US cities to protest Muslim religious law.

An array of liberal Jewish groups has signed on to letters to 29 mayors urging them to denounce planned “anti-sharia” marches this weekend.

“Timed during the Islamic month of Ramadan, when Muslims around the world fast during the daylight hours, these protests have been disingenuously branded ‘March Against Sharia’ and explicitly target Muslims at a time when hatred and bigotry has swept the nation,” said the letters, which went out Thursday to the mayors of cities including Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Indianapolis, New York and Orlando.

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Why is it, that those who oppose the Islamifcation of the West completely ignore and deny the Jewish role in bringing this about and their overwhelming support for it? Why would they oppose people standing against Sharia law? The so-called counter Jihad movements never tire of telling us that Jews are an innocent group in all of this, they tell us that Jews have nothing to do with the Islamifcation of the West and claim that Jews would be the last people to want mass Islamic immigration into Europe and the West.

Maybe they should go and ask these Jewish groups why they support Sharia law seeing as they oppose people who warn about the dangers of it. And maybe they should ask why Jewish groups support the opening of borders across the West to the migrant invasion masquerading as a refugee crisis.

Maybe they should ask these Jewish groups exactly why it is, that they are so supportive of multiculturalism, mass immigration and Cultural Marxism.

Unfortunately, the counter Jihad movement has repeatedly failed to address this issue and has repeatedly ignored and denied it which only perpetuates the problem and does nothing to address the real cause of the Islamifcation of the West.

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