Jewish Journalist Boasts About White Demographic Displacement 


​Jennifer Rubin a Jewish journalist for the Washington Post boasts about the impending minority status of whites and the declining percentage of whites who will be able to vote on anti-immigration policies in the future.

This is exactly what the 1965 Open Immigration Act was intended to do, this is exactly what mass immigration and forced multiculturalism was designed to do in Europe and the West. This is the real end goal of mass immigration this is the truth behind the diversity deception. It is one big scam designed to dis-empower whites, reduce us to a minority, and prevent us from voting in our own interests as a group. It is so obvious now that people who cannot see it or who deny it, are either very ignorant, or are ideologically motivated to see this scam succeed.

They don’t hide what is happening anymore, whereas at one time they said it was paranoid racism to suggest that mass immigration would change the demographic in the future. They called people liars and racists for stating the truth just as they do now. They told the American people that the Open Immigration Act would not change the demographic composition of the country, they knew that it would and the majority European American population fell for it.

Just listen to the words this woman speaks, let it sink in that this is what they are working towards and this is not in our long-term interests as a group and most worryingly, our children and future generations are going to inherit an engineered society in which they will be a despised minority.

Please share this so that others can understand the real motivations behind our treacherous governments and who fully supports and promotes our demographic downfall. Like we have said before, this isn’t just one nation in which whites are being targeted, this is happening in almost EVERY nation with a white majority. It can’t be made any clearer than this.

When we lose the right to self-determination via the ballot box then we are finished. This is the aim, to make it impossible for whites to organise politically as whites in the best interests of whites. Those best interests run counter to the best interests of those pushing this. It is subversive demographic warfare being waged against us.
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