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How the left sow division in society and exploit it for ideological gain

The left speaks of unity, equality, and a brotherhood of man and yet they are the greatest protagonists of division within society for the sole purpose of using it for ideolgical capital. The left thrives off division, in fact division is the oxygen that the leftist doctrine lives on for without it their entire worldview falls flat on its face. Division is a requisite of the communistic/leftist worldview whereas Nationalism seeks to avoid it and prevent it. The left imports it and throws fuel on its fire in order to capitalise on it.

If you consider the polemic used by the left it always follows a familiar scenario which is oppressor/oppressed and for this to work in their favour they need to divide society into victim and victimiser groups.

Nationalism is said by the left to be a divisive worldview that sets group against group. The truth however is that Nationalism has always been a unifying force for a nations people. With the advent of mass immigration and changing demographics as a result, the left claim that Nationalism seeks to divide by setting worker against worker, race against race and culture against culture. The truth is that Nationalists have repeatedly warned that mass immigration would bring about division in society and Nationalists advocate the continuity of homogenous nation states free from internal racial and cultural conflict brought about by a mendacious elite that tell us it’s in our interests. These people who pull the strings of nation states know full well that forcing groups together creates conflict.

Nationalists didn’t import millions of immigrants and then set about employing identity politics to create division between the different groups, the globalist/leftist alliance imported them not in order to enrich but in order to deconstruct and destroy. Nationalists simply demand that whites too have a right to engage in identity politics, but this is violently opposed by the left and by the legislative power of the state. Identity politics is politics employed by the left to destroy white identity and when whites dare to play the game in our own interests the left lose their minds.

When looked at objectively, the left are the ones who have used division as a source of fuel for their ideological fire. They have used mass immigration as a way in which to deconstruct society, our identity and our culture and have allowed and promoted the creation of a hostile atmosphere that is an inevitable outcome of forcing different groups together. The left have used whites in the West as a target for their pernicious anti-Western propaganda setting immigrant groups against the majority white populations of the nations they inhabit. They have designated whites as the victimiser group and all immigrants as their victims. Essentially, the left see mass immigration as a tool for their revolutionary anti nation state agenda and they see the immigrants themselves as being agents of revolution driving forward their agenda.

Nationalism seeks to avoid the unnecessary conflict that arises out of the close proximity of divergent groups and also seeks to protect the interests of the nation and its people. The left hates this just as it hates stable and homogenous societies free of upheaval. What the left detests is a society that runs smoothly, is conscious of its identity, the need to protect that identity and the interests of the group. The left needs constant antagonism within society to whip up anger and discontent and they achieve this with deceptive and misleading arguments that coerce a nations people – and especially the working class – into a false consiousness. In essence the left are the virus masquerading as the cure.

It isn’t Nationalism that is divisive, it isn’t Nationalists that seek to divide society and set ‘worker against worker,’ the left have done that. They have deceievd and betrayed their former voting base by encouraging and defending the mass importation of millions of immigrants that are destroying white working class communities. The left have used mass immigration to divide and conquer the white European people. The left denies the white working class an identity at the same time as promoting and encouraging immigrant groups to propagate their own identity. The left opposes the white working class when they say that they too have interests as a group at the same time as they actively work towards promoting the interests of immigrants groups. Nationalists don’t seek to divide the working class, however the left have used mass immigration to divide and destroy the white working class.

In the Communist Manifesto it says that ‘The working men have no country…’ but the truth is that they do. Workers do have nations that they love, workers do have an identity that they want to preserve, workers do have interests as a national, ethnic and cultural group and interests that coincide with that culture and identity. Workers are patriotic and Nationalistic and workers do support the protection of their interests within the confines of the nation which only Nationalism can provide. That isn’t to say workers don’t have legitimate economic concerns and it isn’t to say that the globalist super capitalist system which globalists control isn’t exploitative, but European workers do not wish to destroy their nations, culture and identity in order to bring about change. The fraudulent promises and utopian tales that the left sell the working class are designed to destroy the nation and the time for the working class to reject those lies and to embrace Nationalism is now. If not for their own sake, then for the sake of their children.

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