Manchester & the Death March of State Enforced Multiculturalism

The Qur’an: Sura (4:74) – “Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.”

What has happened in Manchester has shown us just how badly our children have been let down and endangered by an intentional policy of open door mass immigration and a political class that cares nothing for their safety and security let alone their future.

Successive governments – and sadly many parents – have endangered the children of Britain and Europe because of their complete apathy and denial in relation to mass immigration, as well as their animosity towards those who have – for decades – warned about the dangers of mass immigration, and the long term implications of Islamic immigration into the West. This is the logical outcome of those unheeded warnings.

Those young children are also victims of our corrupt governments who have embroiled our nations in conflict with the Islamic world to secure the geographical and military hegemony of Israel in the Middle East region. What we see on the streets of Europe and the West today, is a direct consequence of this fundamental but never spoken about factor .

Iraq, Libya, Syria and the Middle East in general, has seen unprecedented upheaval ever since the Iraq war which as we now know, was not only based on lies, but was a war launched specifically in the interests of Israel to secure their geographical supremacy and dominance. Libya followed and now Syria is in absolute turmoil. Western governments have armed and funded Islamist organisations including Al-Qaeda and IS, to topple ‘undesirable regimes’ and the chaos and destruction that ensued as a result is now being played out on our own streets. How much longer can we ignore the root cause of the problem?

Whenever there is an attack like this, only the truly awake and brave mention the true causes of it which are mass immigration, forced multiculturalism, and the wars waged in the Middle East that benefit nobody but Israel. Only the politically blind, the naive, the ignorant and the apathetic deny the obvious.

The biggest act of terrorism ever carried out upon Britain and the British people, has been forced Multiculturalism and the demographic terrorism waged by successive Labour and Conservative governments. It is this demographic terrorism that leads to the destabilising and fracturing of society along religious and cultural lines which in turn leads to acts of terrorism. We no longer live in a cohesive society in which the population are of one common identity with little chance of societal conflict arising as a result of major divergent political, ideological, cultural or religious interests. Indeed the politicians who have wrought this upon us, can rightly be described as being Multiculturalism/Diversity extremists.

What we find after an attack like this, is an unwillingness of people to mention Islam, Muslims, Mass Immigration or Multiculturalism. They talk about terrorism having ‘no race no religion no culture,’ but what terrorism does have, is motivation, and in this case the motivation was the religion of Islam and committing an act of murderous ‘martyrdom’ against non-believers in the belief that he was going to paradise. The goal of the bomber was not suicide, but killing infidels in battle. This is what we are dealing with, an enemy that sees death as being the ultimate Islamic ideal. When faced with an adversary like that then drastic action is required to protect a nation and its citizens and most importantly its children.

The target wasn’t Muslim children, the bomber didn’t blow himself up at an Islamic centre where young Muslim children were, he blew himself up where he knew that what he considered to be ‘infidel children’ would be. The heinous terrorist act that he carried out was in the name of Islam and his targets were non-Muslims, there is no escaping this obvious reality.

There is also no escaping the fact that with Multiculturalism there will be terrorism, to live in a ‘Multicultural society’ means that the reality of terrorist attacks will become more common, but never should we accept this and never should we accept what politicians and the Cultural Marxist left have done to our nations. Never should we accept it as normal.

Terrorism in homogenous nations is extremely unlikely, whereas in a heterogeneous nations with different groups and with different conflicting interests, terrorism is highly likely and especially with a religion like Islam. You only have to look at the conflict within Islam between Sunni and Shia to see that the mass importation of Islam into the West is not a good idea.

A lot has been said about ‘unity’ and of ‘uniting’ in the face of terrorism, but a truly united people are of one race one culture one religion, one common identity. This is true of all nations whether they be European, Asian or African, it is how things are in nature. You only have to look at how the different animals self-segregate for safety and protection. This isn’t a bad thing, it is entirely natural.

You can’t ‘unite’ in a society defined by Multiculturalism, indeed putting Multiculturalism and unity together in the same sentence is an oxymoron. It was Katie Hopkins who tweeted recently asking ‘Will you stand united when your legs are blown off?’ It is all well and good talking about unity, but the victims can’t ‘unite’ and future victims won’t be saved because of some foolish and weak notion of ‘unity.’ You can’t protect citizens in a Multiculturalist society because there will always be conflict arising out of the proximity of different groups.

Just because some Muslim taxi drivers offered free lifts to people after the attack, and just because some Muslim doctors may have helped the victims, it doesn’t detract from the fact that it was somebody acting in the name of Islam. It doesn’t mean that people who want an end to state enforced Multiculturalism and mass immigration are evil personified. Even a Muslim psychologist has said that Muslim immigration into Western nations should be stopped. 

The platitudes of celebrities and politicians alike are sickeningly familiar. After every attack they come out of the woodwork and from under their rocks to give their words of sympathy, shock and horror but are fooling nobody. It is these same celebrities and politicians that hold signs that proclaim ‘refugees welcome’ and who advocate mass immigration and Multiculturalism. Their crocodile tears and hollow sentiments are not wanted nor are they needed.

As is so typical of the despicable left, they attack people for their righteous heretical opposition to multiculturalist dogma. Those who have the common sense to understand human nature and the reality of the situation are predictably labelled as being ‘racists,’ ‘haters,’ ‘Islamophobes,’ and of ‘scaremongering.’ They will stop at nothing in their pursuit of a utopia that does not exist in the real world even if it means the death of the children of this country.

Salman Abedi, the 22 year old son of Libyan refugees brought death and destruction to Manchester and murdered innocent men, women and children when he detonated his improvised explosive device. This was a family that were allowed into Britain seeking refuge, and yet still their son, born in Britain, went on to slaughter innocent people in the name of an alien religion that told him slaying the infidel would grant him entry into paradise.

Even when you offer these people refuge they will never become European they will always have an allegiance to an alien religion, culture, and an alien way of life which is totally inimical to Western Civilisation. They will never become British, German, French or Dutch, they are only ever aliens living in Britain, Germany, France or Holland and their presence represents a significant danger to European citizens both now and in the future if something isn’t done immediately.

There is a clash of civilisations taking place whether people want to acknowledge it or not. Calling people racists does not change the fact, it only makes the situation worse by allowing the conditions for this clash of civilisations to continue. The only way to get to grips with it is by acknowledging it. Our children are dying because of what has been done and it is down to us all to demand that action be taken and that the scourge of Multiculturalism be stopped.

When politicians and the left say they want you to be tolerant, what they really mean is that they want you to tolerate what they have done to your country and if you don’t then you’re a racist.

Just think about this, armed police and the military on now on the streets to protect us. But protect us from what? When did it become the norm for such a militarised presence on our streets? What changed? What happened in society that meant we needed protecting from people seeking to cause mass casualties by blowing themselves up? I thought we were meant to be living in a culturally enriched society, but if that society needs the army and armed police to protect us then what is so enriching about it?

Multiculturalism is a malignant tumour that is attacking the once healthy body of Western Civilisation. If we do not understand this and understand it soon, then Western Civilisation will be destroyed beyond repair. Our children are being targeted, are dying, and not enough people are talking about the real reasons why. 

We didn’t ask for Multiculturalism, we didn’t ask for millions of people from other cultures to be brought to our lands many of whom are hostile to the host culture and who wish to supplant the host culture. We didn’t ask for Islamic terrorism, we didn’t ask for Islamic grooming gangs, all of these things have been imposed upon us by a belligerent elite that has nothing but contempt for us.

It makes me laugh when people claim that Britain is an intolerant place, when in actual fact the apathetic British people are the most tolerant people in the West, so tolerant in fact, that they are tolerant of their own children being groomed and blown up because of their abject failure to get to grips with the threats posed to us by Multiculturalism. Despite all of the warnings they have been given they still naively cling on to the ludicrous idea that ‘we can all just get along.’ It isn’t going to happen and the British people are not intolerant enough. If they were, then what happened in Manchester would never have happened and thousands of young girls would not have been groomed.

It is all well and good talking about the perpetrators and the politicians who enable them, but it is about time we all took a long hard look in the mirror and if we are completely honest with ourselves, we may not like the look of what is staring back at us. This corrupt and genocidal system governs by consent, and when we elect those who advance policies designed to destroy us, then we have to take some of the blame.

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