Mass Immigration, ‘Diversity’ and the Engineering of Consent

‘The tremendous expansion of com-munications in the United States has given this Nation the world’s most pene-trating and effective apparatus for the transmission of ideas. Every resident is constantly exposed to the impact of our vast network of communications which reach every corner of the country, no matter how remote or isolated. Words hammer continually at the eyes and ears of America. The United States has become a small room in which a single whisper is magnified thousands of times. Knowledge of how to use this enormous amplifying system becomes a matter of primary concern to those who are interested in socially constructive action.’

– Edward Bernays, The Engineering of Consent

‘The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.’

– Gustave Le Bon

If you wanted to implement societal, cultural and racial change in a nation, how would you go about securing the consent of the majority of the people of that nation?

There are a number of ways in which you could engineer the consent of the masses, but let us just touch on a couple.

Firstly, you would deceive the masses into believing that they were somehow benefiting from this transformation. This is when the deceptive myths of ‘enrichment’ and ‘diversity’ are brought into play to make the public believe that they are getting something out of it. They are told that having different religions and cultures living amongst them is enriching and diversifying despite the historical and societal evidence to the contrary.

Never are the public told that ‘diversity’– as the the globalist establishment defines it – brings nothing but conflict between different groups working towards their own best intrests.

The public are also led to believe that the nation as a whole is financially benefiting from the rapid transformation of their country, culture and identity through mass immigration.

Immigration we are told, gives a boost to the economy. We are told that immigrants ‘want to work,’ and ‘will do the jobs the natives won’t do,’ we are also told that immigration will ‘pay for our pensions’ due to an ageing population. These are all lies of course to mislead the native population into accepting what is being done again by making them believe that they are somehow benefiting from it.

The powers that be don’t mention the fact that immigrants get old as well, or that they need medical care, somewhere to live, food to eat, school places for children, nor do they mention that the influx of immigrants drives down wages or that the birthrate of the immigrant community is drastically higher than that of the native population. Mass immigration in both the short and long term is a drain on the economy because the rising population has to be catered for by somebody and it is the taxpayer that foots the bill.

Secondly, the engineering of consent can be brought about by the force of the law and by the creation and implementation of so-called ‘hate speech’ laws which are designed to both silence the native population and instill a sense of fear in opposing what is being done and speaking out against it. In essence it is state sponsored psychological terrorism used against the people to engineer their passive and meek consent.

The public, gagged by the threat of imprisonment, loss of employment or character assassination, say nothing as their nations are destroyed before their very eyes. The threat of the loss of liberty and the engineering of self-censorship within the individual and the collective ignoring of what is going on through fear of arrest and intimidation is tyrannical coercion into apathetic acquiescence.

Over the last half a century and more, various ‘hate speech’ laws have been enacted across Western nations that are having mass immigration and multiculturalism are forced upon them. This is no accident and is not done to maintain a harmonious coexistence between the different communities, it is done entirely to silence to host population who are the target of the hostile agenda. It is geared towards empowering so-called ‘ethnic minorities’ to displace the host population.

Another way in which the naive compliance of the masses is created and maintained is through the promotion of materialism. If enough goodies are available for the masses and enough mind numbing entertainment on offer then the public tend not to question anything. The old adage that says as long as they have their family holiday every year, enough money for their new gadgets and their sports and reality tv, then the sheeple are happy in their ignorance. This keeps them comfortable, and whilst they are comfortable they won’t rock the boat and won’t risk upsetting the apple cart even though they know that things are not right in their society and nation.

People have now been molded into consumerist zombies.They are happy to stay quiet and to let their nations be destroyed because the new smart phone is soon available, or the next big football match is being played, or the next music festival is coming up, or the holiday they have booked needs paying for, or the next reality tv programme is starting soon. What do they care if there is a terrorist attack in some other European city? What do they care if another European city has become minority European? Only when they have their goodies taken away and when they are forced to acknowledge what is going on through experience will they begin to act in their own interests, not as selfish individuals, but as as group.

The engineering of consent via different coercive methods is simply the psychological manipulation of people to accept what their leaders are doing. It has been used to sell products, harness support for war, and in this case, it has been used to totally destroy the Western world racially and culturally.

It is a clever and devious strategy employed by the enemies of Western Civilisation using a relentless propaganda war with psychological manipulation the weapon of choice.

There are various avenues of influence over the public consciousness that are utilised to engineer public consent. The media, academia, entertainment including television, music and film, the law and the government have been vital in securing – through subversion and indoctrination – the mass apathy of the public in relation to the devastating impact of mass immigration and multiculturalism. The braindead hordes of the so-called anti-fascist left are a product of this engineering of consent taking to its extremes.

It was Edward Bernays – the nephew of Sigmund Freud – who wrote an essay entitled ‘The Engineering of Consent’ in which he talks about the dissemination of information and propaganda using the multitude of media outlets, radio, television, magazines at the disposal of the state. Through these, the mind manipulators could mold the opinions, wishes and desires of the populace by the repetition of a narrative on a massive and relentless scale.

The same is true in relation to mass immigration, multiculturalism and ‘diversity.’ The public is saturated with positive images of ‘diversity’ and multiculturalism by a hostile elite that desires our total dispossession and irreversible racial and cultural destruction.

Indeed Bernays said that:

‘We must recognize the significance of modern communications not only as a highly organized mechanical web but as a potent force for social good or possible evil.’

Evil is being done to the West by an establishment that lies to and misleads the public who elected them into office.

The lies are manifest to those paying attention and include the ludicrous claims that ‘diversity is a strength,’ that multiculturalism is ‘enriching,’ and that we ‘financially benefit’ from mass immigration.

The lies are ideologically motivated and pushed by a hostile – and for the most part alien elite – who work in tandem with the mass media to keep the general public oblivious to the deleterious agenda that underpins the deceptions.

A classic example of this establishment manipulation of the public can be seen in the portrayal of Islam as being a ‘religion of peace’ despite the clear evidence that suggests otherwise. Countless terrorist attacks carried out in the name of Islam across Europe have led to the deaths of hundreds and to thousands having been injured. These attacks – carried out in accordance with Koranic scripture – are said to be distortions of the religion of Islam. The powers that be tell us that those who carry out the attacks do not represent Islam and that Muslims are a peace loving people who contribute greatly to society.

Upon being saturated with these lies, the general public ignore what is the root cause of the attacks and turn a blind eye to the Islamifiction of their country putting absolute trust in the lying politicians, media and left who tell them not to worry and that all is well with multiculturalism and diversity.

If the truth were told about the conquestorial nature of Islam and the murderous intolerance of the doctrine of Islam then the public would oppose the Islamifiction of their nations fully. The same is true with mass immigration as a whole.

This is why the great deceptions have to be maintained by the power of the law and the willful betrayal of the European people through mass psychological persuasion employed by the treacherous media and political establishment.

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