McCains Pushes Anti-Family Propaganda to Sell Product

Here we have a perfect example of the glorification of the deconstruction of the traditional nuclear family brought about by the enemies of the West.

This propaganda is not advertising a brand or an item of food, it is pushing an ideological agenda. It is implanting a message into the mind of the viewer and is attempting to manipulate the viewer into believing that the destruction of the ideal family is a good thing. Nowhere does it present the traditional family of man woman and children as being an ideal, it promotes homosexuality, and homosexual parenting as well as every other alternative to the nuclear family. This is nothing but Cultural Marxist indoctrination and shows just how successful the attack on the family has been.

The narrator of the ‘advert’, Ricky Tomlinson, a well-known UK television personality and leftist, opens the video by saying: “When it comes to family, what’s normal? Normal isn’t normal.” This clearly establishes the motivation of the entire video.

If you want to contact McCains and sensibly express your objection to this Cultural Marxist propaganda then you can do so here

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