Muslims Boycott School Dinners Because Halal Meat is Banned

Source Daily Mail

‘Thousands of Muslims are expected to boycott school meals in a county after its council became Britain’s first to ban halal beef and lamb from unstunned animals.

‘Some 27 schools across Lancashire serve meat from halal suppliers that do not stun animals before slaughter, including Church of England and Catholic schools.

‘Abdul Qureshi, chairman of Lancashire Council of Mosques, had said last month that Muslims would boycott school meals if the council banned non-stunned meat.

‘Mr Driver exempted poultry from the ban because stunning chickens may kill them before slaughter and bleeding – therefore clearly breaking Muslim rules.’

Here is a classic case in point of how so-called ‘ethnic minority’ communities identify as a group and acknowledge their interests as a group. They are willing to boycott school meals in Lancashire (UK), because the local council has gone against their wishes as Muslims. They will come together collectively to show their opposition to a policy that they percieve as being an attack upon them.

One has to ask why exactly the non-Muslim community didn’t demand this sooner? Why haven’t the non-Muslim population come together to fight for their own interests? This is the problem across the Western world. Every other group campaigns and acts in their own interests, whilst the native populations of Europe and the European founders and settlers further West do not hence we are being displaced with relative ease.

If Europeans across the West came together as a group, and boycotted something or went on a mass strike against what the governments of the West are doing, then change would soon happen. Before that can happen however, Europeans need to realise that they do have interests specific to them. The only reason they get away with what they do is because we let them. When we are divided as a group, we cannot act in our interests as a group, because as individuals we are totally ineffective and pose no threat to the Globalist order.

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