Nationalism – Be The Change

Nationalism should not be reactionary in its approach and outlook, it should not be opposed to change, it should be revolutionary and demand change. Not change in the leftist ‘progressive’ sense, but change in the Nationalist sense. The entire current poltical, media, financial, acadmeic and cultural system needs overhauling because at present they are all geared towards the same thing which is the ongoing destruction of European nations and Western Civilisation. To put a stop to that doesn’t require opposition to change just for the sake of it, Nationalism has to be the change, it has to be the new way of thinking and it has to lead the way. 

Nationalism shouldn’t act as a barrier to change, it should stand as a barrier to the racial and cultural destruction masquerading as change and should seek to create an entirely new system. 

Nationalism in its truest form is a concept of real revolutionary progress because it opposes the current system in its entirety. Not just the bankers and the corporations who financially enslave people under the banner of econmic freedom and Globalism, but Nationalism also opposes the destructive nature of the the Cultural Marxist left who are the useful idiots of the Globalists. We see the true nature of the enemy from both sides, we recognise how they work in tandem supporting many of the same things albeit with differing motivations. The narrative of the left is flawed in that it supports many of the policies of their supposed enemy such as mass immigration and the eradication of borders. Nationalism stands opposed to it all, from corrupt bankers and tax avoiding corporations to the Genocidal mass immigration and cultural destruction. 

Nationalism stands for Pride Order and Discpline, it stands for Truth and Hope. It is the only ideology that is routinely ridiculed and attacked from all sides, and the reason for that is because Nationalism is feared for its potential to be the ideology of the masses who are sick of the lies and sinister motives of the present system. 

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