Our position on Donald Trump 


Let us just clarify our position on Donald Trump. Not once have we ever said that Trump is perfect because he certainly isn’t, he has his obvious flaws and isn’t what we might call a racial nationalist.

There is a trend emerging within Nationalism that is geared towards labeling Trump as a shill and as being part of the illusion of choice. We ourselves have often declared democracy to be the illusion of choice. However when you look at the campaign Trump has fought and the vitriolic treatment he has received from the media and his political enemies even within his own party, then it leads me to believe that he is genuinely trying to break the mold.

There are even people suggesting that anybody who supports Trump must have ‘sold out to the shekels.’ Absolutely ridiculous.

The fact that 95% of Jewish funding has gone to Hillary Clinton and the fact that the entire Jewish media has led a concerted anti-Trump campaign leads me to believe that Trump may just be the rogue that the Jewish establishment fears. When i watch Trumps speeches and listen to the words he says, then i can’t help but acknowledge that no politician in living memory has ever attacked globalism and the media in such a way. Is it all an act? Possibly. But I’m willing to put my faith in Trump and reserve judgement for another day. If not Trump then who? Hillary Clinton?Because that’s the only other option the American people have.

The same rhetoric was being thrown at Nigel Farage and UKIP before and during the Brexit campaign. People were saying he was a shill and a tool of the state, again that possibility was always likely because as we all know the system is corrupt. Yet Farage received the same treatment as Trump in that he was labeled every name under the sun and most of the media was against him etc yet a majority of British people supported his message regardless. Just like Trump nobody ever said Farage was perfect, but he was pushing for something that was an important issue to real Nationalists. The British people voted to leave the EU and now the establishment is showing itself by posturing to deliver a ‘soft Brexit’  because they didn’t expect the result to go against them.

The American people have a straight choice between Trump and Clinton. You all know what a Clinton victory means for America. Not turning out to vote for Trump because you are unsure if he is genuine or not will only lead to that Clinton victory that will be disastrous for America and the world.

America under Clinton will cease to be the America we all once knew. There won’t be another chance for European Americans to be able to vote in their own interests and win thereby determining their own future. It is touch and go now whether the non-white population will determine the outcome and when that day arrives America is finished.

European Americans have to go out and vote in their interests as European Americans and whether you have faith in Trump or not you have to go with him or else Clinton walks into office with war on her mind and open borders mass immigration her policy.

In my humble opinion, if Trump was a shill he would not be on the receiving end of such attacks by the media and by the Clinton campaign organising violence at his rallies to make his supporters and message seem aggressive and hateful. He would not be facing an opponent with such huge financial backing from Jewish sources. They wouldn’t have to go after him in such a way if he was a puppet of theirs, why would they want him speaking the words of truth about media and financial corruption in politics? Why would the ADL be flapping about his words being ‘dangerously close’ to anti-Semitism when he didn’t mention the Jews? In all previous elections both candidates have undoubtedly been puppets of Jewish bankers like Goldman Sachs, we know that Clinton most certainly is, but something is different with Trump. He is the fly in the ointment as far as they are concerned and they fear him massively.

That’s how i see it and I’m willing to go with my instincts. If I’m wrong then I’ll hold my hands up and say so.

Even if Trump is genuine on half of what he says he has to be better than Clinton surely. There is no other option. If it turns out that he is a shill and reneges on his promises then we all deal with that at the time and it will only further highlight how corrupt the so-called democratic system is. Across Europe Nationalist party’s are rising as is Nationalistic sentiment. They aren’t all shills and they aren’t all selling the European people false hope. European people are putting their faith in these groups and so to can the American people put their faith in Trump. As he says, “what have you got to lose?”

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