Please Do Not Use SCM Name & Logos

It has come to our attention that somebody has been using our name to mock the woman killed in Charlottesville. Whilst we obviously don’t agree with the worldview and politics of the woman who died, we wouldn’t mock her death.

These stickers have nothing to do with Smash Cultural Marxism and have been created by somebody without our consent. We do not condone acts of terrorism or violence and if the incident in Charlottesville was intentional we would not support it nor do we condone the mocking of somebody having died.

That somebody has taken it upon themselves to use our name to produce these is disheartening to say the least. We have always opposed intentional violence and would appreciate it if people did not use our name to produce this kind of thing.

Smash Cultural Marxism is about highlighting the sinister machinations of Cultural Marxist ideologues in our institutions and countering it through bringing attention to the origins of Cultural Marxism and the aims of those who created it through the Frankfurt School. 

We aim to promote an awakening amongst European people who are undoubtedly the target to cultural and demographic ruination. We do not promote, support or condone violence to achieve political aims and only support the right to self-defence against the extreme violence of the militant left against the free speech of people with an alternative message. 
Smash Cultural Marxism does not support or condone this.