Poland Wants to Protect its Citizens, Borders, Culture and Way of Life – EU Threatens Sanctions

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Accepting more migrants would ‘be WORSE’ than any EU punishment – Polish minister

EUROPEAN Union-imposed penalties would not be as bad as forcing Poland to accept migrants, a top cabinet member has claimed.

Speaking on Polish radio, interior minister Mariusz Błaszczak said agreeing to European Union quotas would “certainly be worse” than any punishment Brussels could give them.

His astonishing comments this morning could result in Poland being sanctioned and stripped of its voting rights.

Brussels officials yesterday urged Poland to discuss a breach of the law of not accepting any migrants rather than enforce any punishment against Warsaw.

Mr Blaszczak said: “Let us keep in mind what happened in Western Europe.

“Let us remember the terrorist attacks, which are a fact in the larger states of the European Union, unfortunately.”

In September 2015, EU leaders agreed that each country would accept a number of asylum seekers over two years to alleviate the pressure on Greece and Italy.

However, the Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo has refused to accept any refugees and in March she linked the Westminster terror attack to Europe’s migration policy.

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło told reporters in Warsaw: “There is no chance that refugees could be received in Poland at the moment and we certainly will not accept the imposition on Poland or other member states of any kind of mandatory quotas.”

More than 20 governments spoke out against Warsaw’s action at the General Affairs Council this week.

Iverna McGowan of Amnesty International said: “European ministers’ response to the Polish government’s attacks on fundamental rights was inadequate, given the gravity of the situation.

“Instead they passed the bucks right back to the European Commission.”

The European Commission’s first vice president, Frans Timmermans, said: “I hope to see a reaction by the Polish government on the basis of today’s debate, dialogue is the only real constructive way.”

The Commission is investigating a probe into whether legislation pushed through by the Polish government, including on media freedoms and the constitutional court, break EU rules.

Poland’s European Affairs Minister Konrad Szymański said: “There is no conflict on values between the Commission and Poland – it is about how to interpret these values.”

France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, wants action against Poland and a firm response.

In order for the European Commission to strip Poland of its voting rights, it would need unanimity and Hungary would likely not vote for it.

This epitomises why the European Union needs to be brought down. They want to dictate what each member state does and they want to punish those who don’t conform to the will of the EU. There is no national sovereignty for nations ensnared in the EU web of lies and deception, it is time that all European nations put an end to this destroyer of Europe and her peoples. We can be friends, we can cooperate, we can trade with each other, we can have mutual defence agreements for the safety of the entire continent and its people without the dictatorial control of the bureaucrats in Brussels.

How dare Poland say no to the EU? How dare they protect their own citizens, borders, culture and way of life? How dare they say no to migrant quotas? How is this even an issue? Why isn’t Poland being praised for doing what all leaders of nations should be doing which is putting the interests of the nation they serve first? Why isn’t the Globalist European Union being condemned for having the bare faced cheek to demand that Poland do what it says?

Let’s hope that Poland remains resolute and is not cowed by the theats of the EU. If Poland continues to stand up to them and refuse point blank to accept the migrant quotas, then this will encourage others to do the same. The EU controls you through your consent, don’t give them it.

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