Population Growth Puts Strain on the NHS No Mention of Mass Immigration

Professor Ted Baker, The new Chief Inspector of Hospitals in England has said in an interview with the telegraph that: “The model of care we have got is still the model we had in the 1960s and 70s…The one thing I regret is that 15 or 20 years ago, when we could see the change in the population, the NHS did not change it’s model of care.”

Notice how there is no mention of mass immigration as being the cause of the strain on the NHS?

It has been suggested that an ageing population is equally as responsible as a 16% population rise in the last 30 years which is down to immigration. Last month, a study by health charities the King’s Fund and Nuffield Trust noted: “Arguably, NHS hospitals have never been under greater strain than they are today. Population growth, combined with an increasing proportion of older people more likely to need health care, is driving greater demand for NHS hospital treatment.”

The bottom line is this, you can’t blame an ageing population for the strain put on your health service, but you can blame intentional government policy that opened up the borders to high birthrate immigrant populations from the third-world. If anything, the ageing population also rises as a result of mass immigration because believe it or not, immigrants also get old.

A nation should invest in its own people and should invest in an infrastructure that sustains those people. If a nation has an ageing population, then incentivise families to have more children. You don’t import people to replace the indigenous population.

For the last 50 years mass immigration has been changing Britain dramatically and the population has soared to unsustainable levels. It is sheer lunacy to ignore the most important issue in relation to this because it would be deemed ‘politically incorrect’ to talk about it.

At the end of the telegraph article it poses the question ‘Why is the NHS under so much pressure?’ And as you can see, not ONE mention of immigration which is THE main cause of the crippling pressure.

One of the most disingenuous narratives is that the NHS would collapse if it wasn’t for immigration, but the truth is that it’s collapsing BECAUSE of immigration. The claim is that immigrants prop up the NHS and provide an invaluable service, a yes many do, but that isn’t or shouldn’t be a justification for mass immigration. As we have said time and again, far more immigrants use the NHS than provide a service and using the good work of immigrant doctors and nurses as an excuse to cover up the negative aspects of mass immigration is the height of deception.

They also ask would somebody who opposes mass immigration refuse life saving treatment from an immigrant doctor for themselves or their children? Well, no of course not, what an absolutely ridiculous and weak argument to try and make. An immigrant doctor who saves a life doing what they are paid to do is not a justification for mass immigration.

What the people of Britain and the West need to realise, is that not only do they want you to accept your own displacement, they want you to build the infrastructure for it and they want you to pay for it.

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