‘Pride’: The Jewish Assault on Heterosexuality and Natural Gender Identity

In his 1956 book Eros & Civilisation, a Marxist philosophical enquiry into Sigmund Freud. Herbert Marcuse discusses at length the dialectical conflict between reality and pleasure; from immediate satisfaction to delayed satisfaction, from play to work. This conflict is forever playing out in our lives; the Reality Principle vs. The Pleasure Principle. Unwarranted pure pleasure being destructive in that it conflicts with the reality of life – repression.

This history of repression is the central theme to the Frankfurt School’s philosophy, as well as Freud’s. Repression of any kind leads to authoritarianism in European society in their eyes. To them, authoritarianism is a stage toward antisemitism.

Marcuse stresses the need to obey to the Pleasure Principle, in his eyes a principle centred around ‘Love’ – this builds on Wilhelm Reich’s radical work in his books Sexual Revolution and Mass Psychology of Fascism.

Marcuse was the father of the so called ‘Sexual Revolution’ of the 60s, the Summer of Love – he was its pioneer. We now live in the midst of a second ‘Sexual Revolution’ as well as a Gender Revolt.

This, supposedly being the emancipation of oppressed minority groups, freed from the oppression of the majority (heterosexual society) and freed from sexual repression (free from the stigmatisation of being homosexual or being ‘trans’) free love for all, love is love, pride…

The central aim, and the whole purpose of this Jewish philosophy is to prevent the rise of antisemitism and to break western society, to reform it in their image. Jews feel safe in a fractured, atomised society as no one dominant culture exists – no, one culture can rise up and purge them as they have been throughout history. It’s a Jewish group evolutionary strategy, a war against Whites, against patriarchal, heterosexual society.

Target one; destroy the family – the supposed capitalist construct.

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