Prince Charles says foreign Jews caused Middle East unrest

Prince Charles was fiercely criticised last night after it emerged he once urged the US to ‘take on the Jewish lobby’ – and blamed ‘the influx of foreign Jews’ for causing unrest in the Middle East. Read More

I’m not a fan of old Charlie, but here he is spot on. Anybody who has been paying attention to what is going on in the world today and for most of the 20th century, knows that the conflict in the Middle East today is a result of the presence of Israel and their forceful imposition of the Jewish state in 1948 and what has taken place ever since. The wars that have occurred and which are still happening in that region have all been about destabilising and weakening nations in close proximity to Israel in accordance with the Oded Yinon plan. The idea is to ensure the military and geographical hegemony of Israel by having proxy wars destroy those surrounding nations and therefore neutering any capability of them being able to militarily oppose Israel.

What you are seeing in the Middle East today is a re-drawing of the map, a balkanisation of the region into smaller, weaker sectarian states that present no realistic threat. Nations consumed by sectarian conflict will eventually break up and this is the goal. Rather than outright invasion as in Iraq, so-called ‘rebels’ and ‘democracy loving freedom fighters’ have been armed and funded by the West to initiate conflict which would divide nations and lead to their eventual downfall. Only Syria is still standing despite being ravaged by war.

It is sheer ignorance to deny the presence of a powerful Jewish lobby, they admit to it themselves and have organisations set up that specifically lobby for Israel AIPAC in the US being the most obvious one. These lobbying groups have all been in favour of and supported the Iraq war and the toppling of other Middle Eastern governments. They donate millions to political party’s and are the biggest contributors to political campaigning.

The move to create Israel as a Jewish state did come about as a result of Jews in Europe and America campaigning for it and lobbying for it but as usual merely telling the truth results in howls of condemnation.

Theodore Herzl was born in Hungary and eventually lived in Austria, he wrote a book called ‘The Jewish State’ or ‘Der Judenstaat’ in which he writes:

“The Jewish question persists wherever Jews live in appreciable numbers. Wherever it does not exist, it is brought in together with Jewish immigrants. We are naturally drawn into those places where we are not persecuted, and our appearance there gives rise to persecution. This is the case, and will inevitably be so, everywhere, even in highly civilised countries—see, for instance, France—so long as the Jewish question is not solved on the political level.”

Herzl was the preeminent advocate of a Jewish homeland in Palestine and he was one among many. The Balfour Declaration which promised the facilitation of that Jewish homeland was brought about by the campaigning of Jews in America and Europe so it is merely stating facts to say that a Jewish lobby or ‘foreign Jews’ were at the forefront of the creating Israel which has resulted in conflict ever since.

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